Finally signing off—but I have good news!


First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of you who have been subscribed to this blog of mine for the past few years with a blogger like me being lazy and going on tentative hiatus but never got to come back and post new stuffs again.

I’m finally done with college and will start a new chapter in my life again very soon. I’m excited and at the same time frustrated since I’ll be attending school again, LOL. But I feel blessed with all that has happened for the past 2 years since I left my BL blogging life.

Unfortunately, I’ll be finally leaving this blog and will be focusing on a new blog very soon if time allows (here I go again hahaha). But yes, it has been a great few years blogging about BL and meeting new people through the same interest.

On the bright side, I recently opened a sales blog where I’ll be selling some of my preloved BL goods and other fandom merchandises!


Please visit my sales blog at:

I’m still working on it so please bear with me, lol. I’m also thinking of selling some old BL manga titles so please look forward to it!

Again, thank you for all my lovely subscribers and followers. I’m sorry I haven’t been active for a very long time. ;__;)

Lots of buttsexlove,
Hachi ❤

gateau by Ichijinsha – A New Boys-Love Magazine



Ichijinsha will publish yet another exciting line of BL goodness—gateau Magazine. Their tag line, “Creative Destruction: Ultimate Borderless BL Comics” is really intriguing. I’m not exactly sure if this is a theme just for their first issue but nonetheless, it’s really exciting! 

The artist lineup is also impressive. I’m sure some or most of you got all giddy when you saw Suou and Matsumoto Ikko (or Ichiko I’m quite not sure how to read it)! *u*) I think this will be their debut comic appearances, yeah? I only know Suou got to work for otome and Vocaloid CD illustrations but I haven’t heard any BL-related works yet other than fan goods and stuff. As for Matsumoto Ikko, she recently deleted if not all, most of her sites and pixiv accounts so I have no idea when she announced a debut like this one. I only know she made a lot of BL stuff way back. Really excited on how their works will be like!

The rest of the lineup includes Nagarenai Tessyu, Natsuka Kudan, Arii Memeko, Hideyoshico and Yamada Papiko. ❤

The magazine is scheduled to release on November 30, 2013

Please go to their main site for the wonderful teaser illustrations. 

Announcement of hiatus

Hello everyone! Been a long while.

I’ve said this numerous of times already before that I always wanted to finally announce a tentative hiatus. Although for the past few months I still had that urge to actually try and update something but unfortunately I couldn’t do so much. I’m already on my last 2 years of college and it’s becoming more and more hectic. To add to this is actually my urge to improve more on what I want to do most in my life and that is drawing. Thank you to those who still subscribe to my blog. I really appreciate it considering I don’t update as much anymore.

Although to tell you guys honestly, I’ve been itching to buy BL again for a long time now. Recently I’ve been buying anime goods since it’s quite more convenient when it comes to spending—well I know it’s more expensive but what I mean is the waiting time. A certain anime merchandise often gets released during the beginning or the end of the month which helps me actually have more time to save up. When it comes to BL though, spending is daily or weekly. Unfortunately I’m on a strict budget lately and having to buy BL like what I normally do before is a big no-no as of now.  BL has been a very sentimental value in my life and leaving it behind makes me upset to the core. Although right now I’m still enjoying a fair amount of BL illustrations, just not original comics.

Someday not far from today (lol), I’ll seriously get this blog up and running again. I am actually thinking of having a total change of contents since as I mentioned before, “otakutofujoshi” may focus on BL but I will also post non-BL related things from time-to-time—I thought of going with that statement by making this blog 50% BL and 50% “anime goods girls will most likely love”. By anime good girls will most likely love, I mean bishounen items—like official merchandise of a certain anime or otome/BL game. I’m not sure if you guys will appreciate that change but I hope? ;o;)

As to when this hiatus will end, I hope by next year I can finally post something. If you guys would want me to continue on with the official merchandise thing please do let me know? ;w;) I’m pretty much eager to actually share with you guys what I’ve been buying recently and since I’m quite experienced with merchandise purchasing already, I might be able to give everyone some tips on how to conveniently buy anime goods if you’re on a strict budget like me, lol.

Again, thank you to those who still subscribe! Also, to those who have been e-mailing me like “Where did you go”, “Will you still make more reviews”, “Please help us with translating this”, “Could you scan…” and etc.— I’m sorry I don’t reply to all of your mails since honestly I don’t know how to answer most of it orz; but I do want to say something about those who e-mail me about scanning a manga for them: sorry I can’t. As much as I want to share how wonderful the story of the manga you’re wanting me to scan, destroying it just won’t do. I’m very sorry. ;A;) If I have enough money to burn why not.

Anyway this is getting quite long so I might as well end it here.

May you all have a nice day. And hopefully I can talk about BL with you guys again soon. ❤

– Hachi

Photobook: “Shoten Danshi”

I’m not familiar with the publishers of this photobook but as to what I read, this is something like “Sagawa Danshi” which was released a year ago if I’m not mistaken.


Shoten Danshi” or “Bookstore Men” in Japanese, is a collection of photos of different (good-looking) male bookstore employees in different but specific popular bookstores in Japan. This is kind of like the artbooks “Moe Danshi Gatari” and “Mousou Hello Work“—lots of in-depth explanation on what their work is about and how they go about in daily life.

The cover illustration is by Kumota Haruko. *u*) ❤
This is not an artbook therefore you won’t be really expecting much illustrations inside other than the cover, a few profile illustrations and comics—as mentioned, it’s a photobook so obviously it contains 90% photos, lol.

The comics are by Kuze Banko, Akitama Koito and Kashio.

Anyway, if I’m not mistaken, I think this is the “Sagawa Danshi” photobook from last year (it’s a Japanese blog). So yes, “Shoten Danshi” will most probably be like this.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m really excited for this one! Not being a total creep but I love seeing working men especially professors, baristas, bookkeepers, bartenders,  pet shop owners… okay this list will just go on and on I must stop.

I hope they can make a photobook about baristas, too! Out of those I mentioned above I would really be interested in baristas and professors. Not going to hope for a photobook about ikemen professors since… well… that’s quite… ;; so yeah settling with baristas!

This will be released on September 26, 2013 for 1575 yen.

Quite unrelated but I’m receiving e-mails and Tumblr messages about where I buy books specifically BL. I’m sorry I’m not asnwering to all mails right now since I put up a “Where to Buy” page already and all info about the stores I usually buy at are all stated there.

If you’re from the Philippines and is having a hard time picking since you’re worried about custom charges, I suggest go for couriers like SAL. It’s a bit longer than EMS but rest assured you won’t  go all the way to the customs and pay a ridiculous amount of charges.

I’m thinking of making a separate entry soon so please look forward to it.

Thank you!

Drama CD: Kumota Haruko’s “Shinjuku Lucky Hole”

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 3.40.18 PM

(Click on the image for the Libre site)

Kumota Haruko’s “Shinjuku Lucky Hole” is finally getting a drama CD~! ;v;)b
As always I deeply apologize for not being able to post reviews including this one. ;__;

Anyway, as for the cast:

Kumi: Miki Shinichiro
Katagiri: Hatano Wataru
Sakuma: Horiuchi Kenyuu
Ryu: Suzuki Tatsuhisa 
Saiki: Ono Yuki
Leni: Takeuchi Ken
Kumicho (Boss): Kuroda Takaya

Cast is really good. Wacchan as Katagiri and Tattsun as Ryu seriously made me flip. ;//A//;)/

Release date is August 21, 2013.

This month’s haul


Loaded up on Kojima Lalako since I couldn’t afford not to completely read all of her works. (:3)rz

As most of you (regular readers) know, I haven’t been buying BL that much lately because of the usual reasons. Thankfully last month, my mom agreed to let me buy new (manga) releases again and as for school matters, I’m now officially a college senior this coming semester and so my aunt actually allowed me to do anything I want this summer. So of course I’m trying to give all my time to my usual hobbies although most of the time, I dwell on improving my illustration (career—sort of).

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X-BL announcements

Last month, a new anthology series called X-BL announced it’s very first themed anthology “『エロほん♥ -ぶっかけ-』 (Erohon ♥ -Bukkake-)” although only the cover illustrator, Kitakami Ren, and a few details were given out.

Earlier today though, the lineup was finally announced and the illustration for the cover was finally revealed. *u*)/


(Image is from X-BL’s site. Please click the image to be redirected to their site)

Just like last year’s Erotoro, X-BL is a more erotic version to say the least. Also, the title of the book is quite self-explanatory. If you don’t know what Bukkake means since you don’t watch Japanese porn, just google it.


Kitakami Ren
Kamon Saeko
Ougi Yuzuha
Takaku Shouko
Kayuma Mimu
Aion Kiu
Abe Akane
Ootsuki Miu
Ogura Muku
Kitazawa Kyou
Kitano Megumi
Kiyomizu Hikaru(?)
Koike Marumi
Sakurai Ryou
Satou Nishiki
Natsumizu Ritsu
Hashiba Mizu
Higashino You
Yamada Maya

Subsequently, brief details for Erotoro R18 (the second for the X-BL series)  has also been announced! Most of the mangakas from Erotoro are still in (Aniya Yuiji, Kashio, Ichikawa Kei, Nimoda Ai) but ahhh Psyche Delico will be in this one!!! /;w;\ The anthology’s theme is about fetishes, btw. ❤

The release for Erohon Bukkake is on May 28, Erotoro R18 is on June 28.

Otakutofujoshi is on Twitter

I made a twitter solely for BL updates and nothing else. Here everyone can be easily updated with releases and since I won’t use my Formspring anymore, all questions will be answered there in my new twitter as well. ;w;)/

For more personal questions though, please refer to my info on my sidebar for my e-mail address.

Thank you very much!