Review: BRS + Dead Master Nendoroid Petite DVD Set

I already posted this in my old blog but then I decided to re-post it here. So this is the Black Rock Shooter + Dead Master Nendoroid Petite Blu-ray + DVD set I got for myself last Christmas. You really won’t regret if you buy this awesome collectible! *u*

Mind you that the BRS Nendoroid I have right there is sold separately. I also bought it together with this DVD set.

I instantly fell in love with the whole BRS project after seeing the 1/8 scale figure of BRS (with her Rock Cannon) in some random hobby site. I really love how the characters look like because of their uniqueness. I found also found out about it because of Vocaloid. I actually thought it BRS and Miku are the same, lol.

I actually didn’t plan to buy this since my budget was only for the BRS Nendoroid. But when I got to the store, the seller recommended me this and offered me a fair price. So obviously, I couldn’t refuse. I just had to buy it. I was given a large discount on both items as well so, YAY! *u*

The set comes with a Blu-ray DVD, OVA guide and guide sketches from the animation.

Finally, these are the adorable Nendoroid Petites (a.k.a “Nendoroid Puchi”). I wish they also have Black Gold Saw and Strength ones. I’m not much of a Dead Master fan and it saddens me to only see a very short glimpse of Black Gold Saw in the OVA. I wish they can create another animation and include some fighting scenes of Black Gold Saw and Strength. Also, I wish they could already include the other characters as well! Black Matagi, Dragon Slayer, Nafhe and my most-awaited Insane Black Rock Shooter. ;___;

What I originally plan to buy was the 1/8 scale figure of BRS with her Rock Cannon. I couldn’t get my hands on it because only certain stores get to sell the original ones and have limited stocks only. But I’m still choosing between Rock Cannon or the Animation version. Hmm.

I also plan to buy Black Gold Saw’s Nendoroid and Figma once I finally got my hands on that BRS figure. Ah, these are the times when I wish I had all the money in the world, lol. I have tons of figurines on my list, actually. It makes me cry whenever I check those figures in my frequent hobby sites or stores since I’m broke most of the time. Huuu. ;___;

So there you have it, a short(?) entry about my current collections, lol. Until the next entry!

Edited: May 26, 2011:

As you can see, the watermarks on these photos are “dornkistern”. Just for everyone’s information, “dornkistern” is actually the old name of my Tumblr. You might think I stole this photos somewhere elese, lol.


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