A late Christmas post

Koisuru Boukun and Junjou Romantica  mangas sent by my mom last Christmas. It’s still incomplete due to some baggage issues with my aunt who came here for the holidays. I’ll be getting the rest of it probably by March. Together with those are my mom’s PS2 + games I asked her to buy for me. Hee *u*

I usually just download manga online because buying the real thing costs a lot. When I buy mangas here in our local bookstores, I limit my purchase to 2-3 titles only. Good thing my mom reminded me that bookstores in America sells a lot of mangas – which I totally forgot. Whenever I go to the US, I make sure to pass by all the bookstores there. My favorites being Barnes and Noble and Borders. I remember I used to buy ParaKiss, Nana and Yamato Nadeshiko mangas there back in my first year high school Christmas vacation. So because of that, I asked my mom if she can check some BL titles for me. Yes, it may sound funny but my mom perfectly knows what she’s looking for, lol. My mom’s a geek especially with games, FYI. So she’s very cool about this interest of mine. Heh

I haven’t opened any of the Junjou Romantica ones yet. Although I already finished terrorist before, I still want to re-read it again, lol. Junjou Terrorist is my favorite – yes, me and my fancy for older men. I LOVE YOU, MIYAGI. *u*

Currently, I’m torn between a LOT of BL mangas because it keeps piling up whenever I discover something new. Ugh. Gotta get rid of this habit of mine. I still need to finish Koisuru Boukun. Right now, I’m quite attached to Mio Tennouji’s works. Ever since I found about her “24 Jikan Eigyouchuu” late last year, I immediately fell in love with her stories.

I’m still trying to be updated with the latest releases of BL mangas but I don’t seem to get much information on that yet. Will try my best to update about releases soon, though!


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