Reviews: 天気予報ノ恋人 ~Tenkiyohou no Koibito~ (角川書店)

While I was busy looking for some new BL mangas (since I’m seriously flooding myself with Katou Setsuko’s works lately), I came across this adorable story about a love between two newscasters – a straight-laced news reporter (Koganei) and an eccentric weatherman (Amasawa). It’s definitely not your stereotypical BL relationship since there’s really no abusive seme and reluctant uke involved here – just pure love. The characters are extremely adorable! Also the supporting cast. The art is also lovely. Great story + nice art = perfection. ❤

As I mentioned in my “About”, I don’t usually read fuwa fuwa BL since I’m really into the hardcore romantic types but this is absolutely an exception – I LOVE IT. I only started reading this a while ago and I can already feel the ideal love I’m looking for in a BL story. The characters’ developments are just ❤ This is definitely a MUST READ.

From what I heard from reviews about this is that they actually dropped this manga. I’m not really that certain of that topic, though. I hope they can continue working on with the next chapters. ;__;

I’ll try to finish reading it later on after I finish some of my school works, lol.


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