Reviews: 無慈悲なオトコ ~Mujihi na Otoko~ (花音コミックス)

Mujihi na Otoko is Sakuraga Mei’s sequel to her previous tankoubon, Warui Koto Shitai or a.k.a  “I Want to be Naughty”. The story follows two university students and their dramatic and complex love story.

Shirahane Nanao is well-known for being able to lure anyone with his attractive looks – even men. He actually has a hidden dependent relationship with one of his university professors.  In the start of the manga, Aikawa Kuon caught Nanao’s attention for having a mysterious aura in him. He can’t help but feel happy whenever he sees Kuon. Since then, Nanao started to have an interest on him but since Kuon’s the type of guy who really doesn’t care about anything but studying and his little brother (Towa from Warui Koto Shitai), he didn’t really showed any interest on Nanao.

One year later, as Nanao called it “twisted fate”, he unexpectedly met Kuon at their home to pick up his little brother, Towa. Towa came to their house to finish an assignment with the help of Nanao’s younger brother, Mikado (also from Warui Koto Shitai; Towa’s seme). Mikado asked Nanao if he can be alone with Towa for a while since they were actually planning on doing something after finishing Towa’s assignment. Nanao being a considerate (and naughty) older brother, he told Mikado and Towa that he’ll just keep Kuon company so that they can proceed with their alone time, but in one condition – to do it quietly. (I actually like this part because Mikado looked so cute when he asked Nanao, “How can we do it in a quiet position?” then Nanao replies, “If it were me, I’d do it only in a straddling position”. Oh the thing you’ll learn from your older brother.) Nanao then goes to where Kuon is and told him that Towa’s still working with his assignment and that he’ll just keep him company. Kuon being uncomfortable with Nanao’s presence (because of the rumors about Nanao’s hobby of sleeping with anyone) told him to just leave him alone. Nanao then tells him “Why are you avoiding me like this? Is it because you’re not comfortable being with an impure thing like me?” (something like that). Then their conversation lead to Kuon telling Nanao that he detests people like Nanao. Nanao then suddenly took the initiative on Kuon. Kuon being surprised with the sudden action of Nanao he struggled but then came at ease when Nanao told him that his little brother (Towa) is also doing the same thing. Since that fateful night, their love story continues in a very dramatic and complex developments.

This story actually has a very mature and deep storyline. Not much comedy is involved since it has more of a serious plot. I really love how Sakuraga Mei makes her characters. In this story, you’ll really think about Nanao’s real personality since he seems to hide a lot of things by the look of his face (Kuon was the one who noticed that). Also, you’ll love how Kuon’s feelings started to develop for Nanao. The development of it is very dramatic.

In the manga, there’s this spreading rumor about Nanao sleeping with any person; hence Kuon detesting him. The person who told the rumor about Nanao sleeping with anyone is kind of obvious, though. But Sakuraga Mei kind of changed what everyone was expecting from the ending. So her little trick in changing that seemingly obvious plot actually worked, lol. That’s why I love her cleverness in making well-placed storylines. Ohohoho.


2 thoughts on “Reviews: 無慈悲なオトコ ~Mujihi na Otoko~ (花音コミックス)

    • Luckyy! I really want to buy it! *A* /will just buy it next time
      And yes, almost all of the scenes in Mujihi are ALL hot. *u* especially when you listen to the drama CD while reading the manga. ❤

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