BL Game: 鬼畜眼鏡 Kichiku Megane

From the same makers of Gakuen Heaven (Spray), Kichiku Megane follows the story of a timid salaryman, Saeki Katsuya. He’s your typical shy, miserable-looking uke. Then one day, he meets a man named Mr. R who gave him a pair of glasses and was told that it will change his life – and it really did made a drastic personality change. Whenever he wears those glasses, he becomes a remorseless, cruel seme who does icy treatments to his co-workers… and to other guys. I’m loving this game because of the lovable reversible characters – thanks to Saeki. Hoho ❤

All you BL lovers will love this game because it’s so fun to see each of the character’s sadist and masochist side – especially Katsuya’s and Midou’s. Also, when you play the game, you’ll certainly lose your sanity listening to their voices during… you know. Katsuya’s uke voice is just.

If you’re not into serious adultery man love stories, then don’t play this game. You’ll just get bored.

I’m still on the verge of looking for a good torrent download of this game. I’m thinking of ordering an original one but it’s still impossible because I still don’t have my own credit card. /wrist

Will do a proper review of this game after I get my hands on the actual game. If you want, there’s also a manga version of this. I haven’t read it yet since I first read the walkthroughs for the game and checked some CGs.


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