Reviews: Mangas by Mei Sakuraga

I’m sorry for being away for a while. I’m very happy to see a lot of visitors coming to my blog recently. Thank you very much!!

Anyway, I’ll be reviewing about a few mangas I read recently. All are by this very awesome mangaka, Mei Sakuraga. The plot is quite similar to Shungiku Nakamura’s Junjou Romantica in terms of their connections to one story to another.

WARNING: Long entry is long.

First off is Warui Koto Shitai (I Want to be Naughty). This is the first story of her series. It consists of 3 stories: Warui Koto Shitai, I Want Your Attention and Sono Te ni wa Kanawanai (I Can’t Resist You/I’m No Match Against those Hands).

1.) I Want to be Naughty – The story follows two students, Towa Aikawa, a delinquent, and Mikado Shirahane, the president of their school’s Student Council. The two met out on the rooftop of their school and eventually became friends. Towa, being one of the most known delinquents in school states that his worst enemy is the Student Council. He keeps on complaining on how the Student Council hates his bleached hair and piercings. Because of this, Mikado, who’s secretly in love with Towa, hides his true identity as the Student Council’s president in order to keep his “friendship” with Towa. One day, Towa brought Mikado to his house (Mikado then meets Towa’s older brothers, Kuon and Nagahisa Aikawa). Then in Towa’s room, Mikado noticed a faint cigarette smell on Towa. He then “checks” if Towa really did smoke by kissing him. After that, Towa couldn’t take Mikado out of his mind.

2.) I Want Your Attention – The second story follows two College students, Ito, a freshman, and Hibiya, a sophomore. Ito is known as the “Mad Dog” because of his frightening stare all the time. One day, Hibiya accidentally steps on his contact lenses. Hibiya went hysterical and apologized but then Ito told him he had backup (which is his glasses) and later realized that Ito is actually a good – and “pretty” guy despite the frightening rumors. They then took the train together and Hibiya told Ito that he actually looks good with his glasses and that with those glasses, he doesn’t look like he’s “mad-dogging” anyone. Then he learns that Ito doesn’t know anything about people calling him “Mad Dog”, he just notices that people scurry away from him everytime he looks at them. Hibiya then tells Ito that starting from that day on, he promised that he won’t scurry away from him whenever they meet. Ito eventually became friends with a lot of people and because of that, Hibiya felt uneasy to approach him. Ito then noticed that Hibiya was avoiding him and confronts him. Hibiya then tells him that he has made a lot of friends lately and because of that, Ito removed his glasses and ran out and fell into a fountain. Hibiya, who was just behind him helped him up. Ito then tells Hibiya, “You stopped talking to me as soon as I started wearing glasses.” After that, on the way home together, Hibiya then tells Ito that he likes him and that he doesn’t want Ito to be with anyone else. At home, they were on the bed when Ito noticed that Hibiya has an erection. Ito yelled at him for being such a pervert then Hibiya tells him that it’s normal since he’s on the bed with the guy he likes. Ito then asked him if he wants to do it, but since he’s not feeling well, all he can do is service him. [For this part, there was no penetration involved, just BJ (for Hibiya) and HJ (for Ito)]. After that, Hibiya insists that he will just stay for the night and take care of Ito. Then Ito tells him that he only has one bed. Hibiya, being his horny self, thought about the spoon position and told Ito that there’s something scarier than his glare… and what he meant was that Ito isn’t actually conscious about the way he can subconsciously say things that can trigger someone’s sexual desires. ❤

3.) I Can’t Resist You/I’m Mo Match Against those Hands – I haven’t actually read this one yet so I’ll just update this post again when I finish reading it.

After this follows 3 more titles with the same main characters: Waruiko Demo Ii, Warui Yatsu Demo Ii and Warui Koibito ja Dame. I will be reviewing these, too after I read them. ^_^

Second is the 5th story in the series, Kirai ja nai kedo (I Don’t Dislike You). The story follows first year delinquent Ryuuichi Shinonome (friend of Towa) and second year Student Council VP, Shuuji Yukimura. This two have actually known each other for quite a long time but they kept their relationship with each other because of Yukimura’s reputation in the Student Council. Believe it or not, our beloved VP Yukimura was once a delinquent just like his childhood friend/neighbor Shinonome. As childhood friends, they know a lot about each other. One highlight of the story is about Yukimura’s past about him being a man-magnet… Or pervert-magnet. He states in the manga that he was almost abducted from school by a random man, stalked by his (boy) classmate, and was nearly raped by his (male) tutor. Because of that, Shinonome likes teasing him a lot. Then came junior high and Yukimura eventually became a delinquent. During that time, Shinonome moves into his neighborhood – and went to the same high school as him.

One day, Towa suddenly barges in the Student Council room thinking that Yukimura might be giving stress to Mikado about work ad stuff (aww). Then Shinonome follows to drag Towa out of the room and apologized to Yukimura and by calling him by his nickname, “Yuki-chan”. Since their relationship must be kept a secret for Yukimura’s reputation, Yukimura talked privately to Shinonome asking him if he has any intentions of revealing Yukimura’s delinquent self during the days. Shinonome then tells him why does he have to keep their relationship a secret but Yukimura decided to just ignore him. Because of that, Shinonome brought out an old picture of Yukimura’s delinquent self (smoking with his hair brushed up and all, lol) and blackmailed him. Yukimura then asked him what does he want and Shinonome told him straight that he wants to “play” with him. Then after deciding the duration of their play time, they both finally agreed on having it “5 minutes per day” (I can just feel Shinonome’s bitterness about this – this isn’t even enough to, err, orgasm). After their short play time, Shinonome then tells Yukimura about his feelings towards him – well, not straightly. He left Yukimura thinking into it – which is good.

After a few happenings, Yukimura and Shinonome had a conflict which lead to Yukimura telling Shinonome that he doesn’t want to see him anymore. This part of the story is quite typical since during the time when Shinonome was gone, Yukimura finally realized his feelings for Shinonome. Then one day, he asked (actually yelled) Towa if he can contact Shinonome on his phone and ask him where he was. According to Towa, they already got a hold of him but lost the connection. Yukimura was being hysterical already because he was already really worrying for Shinonome not showing up for a week already. Towa, being his (cute) stupid self didn’t notice that his call to Shinonome was still on until his friend told him that his phone was still blinking which means the call was still on – AND which means Shinonome heard all of Yukimura’s yelling about him to come to school already and that he sounded really worried. (OHOHOHO. Typical indeed but I was giggling so much at this part). Then after a short while, Shinonome finally comes into the Student Council room where they were discussing the cigarette butt incident (Shinonome was the prime suspect of one of the Student Council officers). Yukimura then defended him by telling the Student Council that it was not Shinonome since Shinonome told him that he already quit smoking. After that, they went home to Yukimura’s house and Shinonome asked him why did he expose them. After a few talks, they did it – and now it’s not for 5 minutes, and finally, there was penetration. I really liked this part because Shinonome showed another (and a much more scandalous) picture of Yukimura’s delinquent self. Then Yukimura asks him why does he still keep stuff like that when “The actual object is right in front of him.” OHOHOHOHO ❤

Shinonome eventually gives Yukimura all his “treasures” (pictures of Yukimura during his delinquent days and some pervy photos he took while peeping through Yukimura’s curtains) that was stored inside his memory cards. I also liked this part when Shinonome went to the Student Council room to talk to Yukimura: It was Mikado who told him to not disturb Yukimura for the time being, then after the SC meeting, Mikado finally lets Shinonome in then Shinonome suddenly asks him if he has any feelings towards Yukimura, then Mikado looks at Yukimura and gave him this disgusted look, lol. [I think because Yukimura reminds him so much of his brother… Or he’s just deeply in love with Towa]. Then in the end, of course, Yukimura realizes that he has already fallen deeply for Shinonome.

After that, their story continues in Koi ja nai kedo – which I will also be reading soon after I’m done with some school work. ^_^;

Also, there’s a bonus chapter from the Waruiko series in Kirai ja nai kedo. Again, Mikado and Towa are just so ❤

The last story from this series is Mujihi na Otoko (Merciless Man). I already posted a review about it here.


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