Reviews: Escape (徳間書店)

Escape is Kyuugou’s first BL tankoubon. From what I read, it was published in Chara Selection although I’m not sure what issue was it in. Anyway! Onto the story.

Escape follows the story of two college students and their rather complicated relationship. Shouta, who works part-time at a video store, has an unrequited love with Shiraishi, a salaryman. But at the same time, he has a sex relationship with his fellow college student, Kuraki. For Shouta, who seems to be openly gay, having sex with Kuraki is just for fun. He just thinks of them as “sex friends” without having any knowledge of what possible feelings Kuraki may have for him.

It all happened one night when Shouta just got home from work – and as usual, Kuraki was waiting for him. (Kuraki’s the very abusive, egoist type, I must say) according to Shouta, this was their usual nights – whenever they feel like it, they’ll do it. The thing that provoked Kuraki is that Shouta said a certain name after they did it – “Shiraishi”. The next day, Kuraki asked Shouta who that person was, but Shouta didn’t tell him. Kuraki suddenly became violent and raped Shouta on the spot (honestly, I was shocked at this point and I don’t know why). After that, Shouta remembered noticing Kuraki’s expression while he was raping him – he was clearly sad, as in jealous sad. Because of that, Shouta realized that Kuraki has feelings for him, and at the same time, he was also falling for Kuraki. Ahh the good endings of having an unrequited love, lol. ❤

To be honest, I really didn’t like it because it really kept me hanging. I mean, no more? It was sooo nice. Even though the story’s short, it really gave me goosebumps in the end. The art is lovely, too. I wish Kyuugou can make a sequel showing more of Kuraki’s character development! ;__; Oh and it doesn’t contain too much explicit sex scenes. It’s really SFW. ^_^ Anyway, what’s with me reading mild yaoi lately? ARGH.

Currently, I’m reading Kyuugou’s “Acid Town”. I read a couple of reviews about it and I’m really intrigued by the story! *_* I’m really rooting for Kyuugou right now, lol.


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