Reviews: Mei Sakuraga’s “I Want to Be Naughty” Drama CD

I was so happy to find out about the drama CD while browsing through (*u*) I know I’m such a late bloomer for Mei Sakuraga’s Warui koto Shitai series, I regret not reading it last year since I was so hooked on Shungiku Nakamura’s Sekaiichi Hatsukoi series. (;__;)

So I tried listening to the drama CD (and will surely buy it after my current order arrives) and I must say – HIKARU MIDORIKAWA. My goodness. I was really shocked to know he was the seiyuu of Mikado Shirahane since I was only used to him using his very uke voice in Papa to Kiss in the Dark and Kirepapa. Although he did impress me as the seiyuu of Shiki in Togainu no Chi. So anyway, I was really pleased with the voice actors. Takahiro Mizushima, who voiced Towa Aikawa, really did a wonderful job! I really imagined Towa’s voice to be exactly like that. If you remember the annoying but adorable twins in Gakuen Heaven, Takahiro Mizushima was one of their seiyuu there, but I forgot which of the two. (^_^) I was literally all teary-eyed while listening to the whole thing while reading the manga. ❤

I still have yet to listen to the 2nd part of the series (Waruiko Demo Ii). I swear, when I heard Koji Yusa’s the seiyuu of Shirahane Nanao (FYI: Nanao is my ultimate favorite character in the whole series) I really went hysterical to the point of nearly breaking my keyboard and dropping my cellphone due to fangirling to my friends. (*A*) READ: If you’re familiar with Koji Yusa’s voice, he’s the seiyuu of Iku Mizushima from Starry Sky and Gin Ichimaru of Bleach. Imagine how shocked I was to know that Nanao has the same seiyuu as Iku in the drama CD! (TwT) AAH KOJI YUSA I LOVE YOU. SO MUCH. ❤ I really can’t wait for more news about the drama CD for Mujihi na Otoko! (;w;) It’s my personal favorite from the whole series!

There are still some other wonderful seiyuus in the whole drama CD collection, of course! (^u^) I will review them as soon as I got to listen to the whole series already.

You can buy the drama CD here.


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