Aoi Seri + Nakamura Asumiko + finally got my orders

I was browsing through some icon journals at LiveJournal (yes, I came back to LJ recently) and a certain illustration caught my attention – Aoi Seri’s art. I once again, fell in love with a great artist. (*A*) I am currently browsing her blog right now and all of her drawings look great. I haven’t read any of her works, though.

See for yourselves. CLICK

Oh and just now, I found something interesting. It seems Fuuko (hazukashiikedo) has a review on one of Aoi Seri’s work before! \(*A*)/ CLICK

Moving on, I also stumbled upon Nakamura Asumiko’s works a while ago. Although I don’t really know what happened, it seems she’s on hiatus right now. Will try reading her Doukyuusei and Double Mints later.


What I have been doing last night:

My usual OCs (original characters). Yes, I know they look so common especially Takagi-sensei (the one with the glasses). He was actually inspired by Nagi from Amagi Reno’s Oni ni Hatsujou. I already drew him before although in my other drawing, he looks much matured. See it here in my tumblr blog.

Not yet finished. Unfortunately, I have no intentions of finishing it – or maybe I will but it will take months for me to decide, lol.

Hello everyone! Meet Aki and Saigo. As you can see, Aki’s hair isn’t done yet. (.__. ) Saigo’s expression still needs improvement, and overall, I still have to ink and color it. I think I’ll be finishing this one. (ーー;)


It finally arrived! (@_@)

I still have 2 orders lined up for delivery tomorrow. I can’t wait to read these later. (T▽T)


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