Happy April Fools!

So for the past few days, I loaded up on a crazy manga reading spree, lol. Got to finish Kojiki Runa’s “Hana no Arashi wa” a few days ago and got to read Mebaru Kobato’s “Sawatte, Tokashite” and Katou Setsuko’s “Wasuremono” yesterday. I’m currently on vacation right now and damn happy about it – more time to read more BL and watch gay porn at home. /gets shot

Anyway! I’ll be doing a review about Konjiki Runa’s “Hana no Arashi wa“… TOMORROW! I forgot to bring my memory card reader with me here at our vacation place so I won’t be able to share some manga scenes with you if I do the review now. About the story, I reaaally liked it a lot since it also had some incest moments! (>///<) but overall, it was kind of… missing something. Nonetheless, I liked the whole story. The characters are totally adorable and Konjiki Runa’s illustrations are just wonderful – although it reminds me so much of Kojima Lalako’s. Hrm. I still have a lot of mangas to read back home – Takarai Rihito, Mieno Saori , Kumoto Haruko and Younezo Nekota.

On magazine releases, HertZ just posted their cover today:

No cover for CRAFT yet.

I haven’t really tried reading a lot of BL magazines. I just happen to get some downloads of their anthologies in some random sites. But since I’m starting to love a lot of new BL mangakas lately, and most of them get their works published in HertZ magazine, I’ll start buying BL magazines as well. /wallet crying

Also, Ishida Ikue’s “Shitsuji wa Yoru wo Matou” will be released today. HertZ already updated their site with it’s release feature. CLICK

For Yamane Ayano fans, her cover for her latest addition to her Finder series is already posted in Libre’s site. CLICK

Morozumi Sumitomo’s “Kitto Yumemiru Yamaarashi” will be released today as well!

Image from Libre.

[edited: 11:08PM]

Kojima Lalako’s latest blog entry. HUU SO CUTE. (;u;) ❤

Yay for Kojima Lalako’s first tankobon release last March 30th! \(*A*)/

I was so late in congratulating her (in Twitter). (* ̄m ̄)


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