BL48手+ いとしの猫っ毛 ~Itoshi no Nekokke~ (CITRON COMICS)

I first saw the BL48手 on Fuuko‘s blog before and decided to get a copy for myself since I really thought it was interesting and it’s definitely a must-buy. When I read about it in, I got more excited in ordering it, lol. Then a few weeks later, my payment method got messed up so I had to wait for it again to be in stock. Then after a few days, it was finally in stock again so I unhesitatingly ordered it together with some other tankoubons.

The book consists of colored illustrations by different mangakas showing different unique positions each together with a short story and an explanation of the position. Mhmm. Anyway, I still have to read all of the stories next time.  I must say that it’s REALLY worth it. (*A*) Great quality and a lot of helpful information – about sex positions of course, lol.

Note that this book is about (gay) sex positions, I do not recommend it if you’re not into seeing eccentric and acrobatic (sex) poses, AND the book is in full Japanese text, so if you can’t read Japanese, you’ll just waste your money – unless if you’re already satisfied with just looking at the illustrations, then go buy one. I highly recommend it. ( ̄ー ̄)

The other one is Kumota Haruko’s “Itoshi no Nekokke“. I’m not familiar with Kumota Haruko but just like how I usually discover new mangakas, I stumbled upon this tankoubon once again and got to read some nice reviews and decided to get myself a copy. I haven’t read it yet since I still have to finish reading Mieno Saori’s “Ano Ko ga Kare o Suki na Riyuu“. (´・ω・`)


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