Reviews: さわって、とかして。 ~Sawatte, Tokashite~ (Dariaコミックス)

When I was enjoying my first summer week getaway last month, I got to read this beautiful work by Kobato Mebaru. I actually got to download it a long time ago but forgot to read it since I got busy with school and stuff, so yeah.

Anyway, “Sawatte, Tokashite” is Kobato Mebaru’s first tankoubon release from Daria last 2007. So as I usually say in my posts, this is my first time to read any of Kobato Mebaru’s works. Although I’ve read reviews before, I never got the chance to actually read any. So the tankoubon consists of 6 stories and an extra. The story is about 4 high school friends and their adorable love stories. The plot is quite typical, though. But Kobato Mebaru’s play of characters made it so much cuter.

I’ll buy the actual tankoubon soon together with other of Kobato Mebaru’s works – yes, I think I’ve fallen in love once again. (* ̄o ̄*)

Note that this post contains images that are not safe for viewing.

Read: Gay porn. Yes. This is what this blog is all about in the first place. Also, long review is long. OTL

All images are from Blissful Sin. (^_^)

The first story is about Tatsuya Fuji (Tacchan), a second year (he’ll be in 3rd year in the 3rd story) high school student who never takes studying seriously until his dad’s subordinate, Minato Saejima came along. “I’ll make you fall in love with me”  is the most arrogant sentence you can ever hear anyone say – and that’s what Saejima told Tatsuya that night, and to make things worst (or better on my part) Saejima suddenly kissed him! Because of that, Tatsuya had this, which he calls “sickness” of his because he never got over that incident and often dreams about it as well.

Tatsuya woke up from the same dream once again and guess who he saw on top trying to wake him up? Of course, Saejima. Since Saejima is Tatsuya’s tutor, it is only normal for him to be there, but since Tatsuya’s very aware of Saejima’s feelings for him, he finds it kind of irritating – well, considering Tatsuya’s the usual tsundere uke everyone loves to love, lol. Tatsuya then tried asking why Saejima kissed him that night and Saejima answered him “Tacchan is cute. That’s why”. Embarrassed and annoyed at the same time by this, Tatsuya walked out leaving Saejima a good hit on the head. Later on, Tatsuya met with Tetsuo Yano, a classmate of his (whose story you’ll be finding out after this). Yano told him that Ayu, a girl from another class, was interested in him and that asks if Tatsuya can mail her back. Tatsuya didn’t look interested at all (which was a relief) but he did reply to Ayu. (.___.)

The next day after coming from school, he was greeted by Saejima in his house again. As usual Tatsuya doesn’t want to study so Saejima thought of another option which is doing “something bad” together. When they were already starting, Tatsuya’s phone suddenly rang. Annoyed by this, Saejima was the one who read Tatsuya’s phone and got to read Ayu’s message. Disappointed by this, Saejima told Tatsuya that he’ll be leaving already. Tatsuya asked him why he was acting that way  just because of a simple message and of course, Saejima told him that he was jealous since he never mailed him before and walked out. Upset, Tatsuya realized that he had fallen for Saejima already.

That same night, Tatsuya went to Saejima’s place to apologize. He mailed Saejima to come out of his house. Saejima then immediately ran outside to find Tatsuya standing at his doorstep. As apology, Tatsuya kissed him and told him “let’s do something wrong”. Saejima laughed at the awkwardness of Tatsuya and told him that he’s really cute which made Tatsuya blush more in embarrassment. The sex scene was very hot. In the end of the first story, Saejima mailed Tatsuya “We have to study from time to time too” – LOL SO ADORABLE I CAN ALREADY SQUEEZE THE MONITOR WHILE READING IT. (.__.) Kobato Mebaru really draws good sex scenes and the dialogues are just so adorable that is why I fell in love with her work.

The second part of the story focuses on Saejima’s POV. He’s starting to get paranoid about his feelings towards Tatsuya. He’s worrying that he might be the only one who has feelings for Tatsuya but at the same time, Tatsuya feels nothing for him. His friend told him that the reason why Tatsuya is going out with him is maybe because out of Sympathy. Disturbed by this, he asked Tatsuya to come by his place for their lessons. While studying, he asked Tatsuya if his actions are bothering him. Tatsuya started crying (thinking Saejima’s breaking up with him or something) and told him that he’s just not good in expressing his feelings towards others unlike Saejima who’s confident, expressive and all. He just can’t say the things he wants to do and say”I love you” directly to him- yet. But Tatsuya did say he likes Saejima but he’s not sure what to do about it. Saejima then told him about when they first met, that Tatsuya was actually the one who made him fall for him. Then he added, “You can do (or say) whatever you want. Surely, they will all be things that  make me happy.” Touched by this, Tatsuya continued crying. That is when Saejima realized that he’s not the only one in love in their relationship. ❤

I think I was in yaoi heaven when I was reading the sex scene in the second story. Well, for me it’s heaven because the drawing was again beautiful and the dialogues  were very adorable. (TwT) The scene where Tatsuya said “I love you” to Saejima and after that, Tatsuya asked Saejima if he can also say “I love you” to him and the last part was just… KYAA! /explodes

So ehem, anyway. For me, I really liked the second part of their story. You will notice that the style of the illustration from the first to the second is quite different (or was it just me). I liked how their relationship turned out and overall, Tatsuya and Saejima are an adorable couple. I am also a sucker for teacher-student relationships most especially if the student is a tsundere just like Tacchan~! (o ̄∇ ̄o)

For the second story, it now follows the story of  Tetsuo Yano (the friend of Tatsuya whom I mentioned earlier) and Atsushi Kuroda who both works in a video rental store. Atsushi isn’t really a man of many words which made Yano curious about him. He always shows his cold side to Yano but is different to others. Disturbed by this, Yano tried to find out what interests Atsushi in order to talk to him.

The same day, Yano surprisingly saw Tatsuya talking with Atsushi. Turns out that Atsushi was Tatsuya’s senior back in middle school. Because of that, Yano thought he could finally know Atsushi’s interest by asking Tatsuya. He then knew that Atsushi was interested in movies – well duh since he’s working in a video rental store. ( ̄□ ̄;) Also, Tatsuya told him that he only watched videos that Atsushi recommends to him so Yano snagged the video tape from Tatsuya and immediately watched it home. Then he knew that Atsushi was into romantic drama films, lol.

The next day, Yano told Atsushi that he tried watching the movie. Atsushi responded with such enthusiasm that made Yano laugh. This scene was really hilarious because when Atsushi realized that he got too excited to react, his reaction after was just so funny. Later on, a new movie of the same producer just arrived and Atsushi thought of telling it to Yano. When Atsushi got went to talk with Yano, he saw Yano talking to a girl and cheerfully patting her head. Yano noticed him and finally walked towards him. Annoyed Atsushi just told him that a new film of their favorite producer just arrived and didn’t say anything more to Yano the rest of the day. Yano noticed it and wondered if he did something wrong to make Atsushi upset.

After watching the movie together, Yano noticed Atsushi crying and patted Atsushi’s head. Annoyed by the incident earlier, Atsushi shoved Yano’s hand and told him to stop being friendly to everyone since it irritates him. Annoyed, Yano told Atsushi that it does not concern him. Then Atsushi told him why doesn’t he understand anything, then of course, this argument is replied by Yano saying “of course you won’t tell me anything! How can I understand?!” Then suddenly, Atsushi kissed him. (*u* )

Shocked, Yano asked him why he did that. Atsushi told him that he’s not sure, but he really wanted to do that to him. Atsushi’s confession part was so funny and adorable. His attitude reminds me of Gil Nightray from Pandora Hearts – or maybe that’s just his hair? No, it’s his attitude, really. So anyway! Yano laughed at him and told him to say what he wants to say. Also, Yano told him that he wants to know more about him. Atsushi answered, “I want you to be gentle only to me. I want you to like me. I want you to kiss me.” — I swear I think I stopped breathing while reading that part. The sex scene was also fine. Nothing out of the ordinary. Very hot, indeed. I love it how Kobato Mebaru draws flustered faces of her characters. It look so sexy and all. (*ーー*; )

I liked the story. The characters were an unusual combination for me. Yano didn’t look like he’d fit the part of the uke but Kobato Mebaru made it work. Aaah. Such genius. (;___;)

The third story kind of disappointed me. Well first of all, it was lacking – a lot. Also, The title made me think it was interesting because it has “stars” in it. OTL

But yeah anyway, the story is about a  high school student named Matsunaga Koutarou, he’s also one of Tatsuya’s and Yano’s friends. He works part-time at his mother’s public bath place not because he want’s to but because he likes to see a certain customer – Aoi Masaki. Koutarou noticed that Aoi comes every night whenever they are nearly closing the public bath place. He thought Aoi was some kind of person who you’ll have a hard time speaking to. One typical night, Aoi came by the public bath once again and eventually forgot his wallet. Koutarou told him to just pay the next day since he’s already a frequent customer. Because of that, Aoi smiled and that was the first time Koutarou have seen him like that.

The next evening, Aoi came back to pay and use the bath once again. In order to speak with Aoi, Koutarou asked him if he likes going to public baths. Aoi told him that he only likes going to their (Koutarou’s) public bath because of the ambiance. Koutarou then thought to himself, “for me it’s you”, LOL. Such cheesy words. OTL. This is also when Koutarou realized that Aoi was a klutz because his things start falling one by one then he accidentally stepped on his soap which flew off and lastly, he feel because he stepped on his towel, lol. Of course, Koutarou found it cute.

So for the confession scene, as usual it was already late when Aoi finished up in the bath. Koutarou came in to clean up when he noticed Aoi’s back and unconsciously kissed it. Aoi thought he was only fooling around so he got irritated by it. Koutarou then told him that he was serious and suddenly kissed Aoi. Well, sad to say there’s no sex here. (.___.) Just full of cute moments and hilarious ones. I pity Koutarou for falling for Aoi. (;__;) I noticed Aoi’s kind of boring. (-_- ) Although I really like how he looks and all – and the both of them makes such an adorable couple but there’s something lacking with his character and I really hope there’s a continuation to their story! (T_T) Poor Koutarou. However, there’s some part of it which confused me. I don’t know if it’s my understanding or the translation itself but the part where Aoi was leaving already (the night before the confession day), he said something to Koutarou like, “…no stars today. Last night there were a lot and I wanted to show them to you.” Hrm, anyway. Will just try to read the original tankoubon when I finally get my hands on it. (-___-; )

So for the fourth story, this is actually my personal fave. Although, I’m torn between this and the first story. (.__. ) I have a soft spot for incest relationships – and for me that only includes brother-brother, brother-little sister and boy-boy cousin – NO GL, SORRY. D:

So anyway! What I love about this story is the unusual relationship between Okuda Kazukiyo, and his little brother, Okuda Shun. When Shun was born, Kazukiyo really liked his little brother – a lot. He was just so happy that Shun belonged to him. Then when they finally grew up, they also grew apart. This bothered Kazukiyo greatly because when they were kids, he and Shun were usually very close. Now, Shun can’t even look at him in the eye or talk to him that much. One morning, Shun forgot to bring his lunch to school so their mother asked Kazukiyo if he can catch up  and give Shun his lunch. Although Kazukiyo managed to catch up to Shun, he saw that Shun was having fun with his friend – a face he never showed Kazukiyo for a very long time now.

That same day, their mother asked Kazukiyo to cut his bangs since they’re too long already. So Kazukiyo went up to Shun’s room while Shun wasn’t around and looked for his scissors. Shun told his older brother to not come inside his room without permission but Kazukiyo still continued to look for the scissors until he found a strange bandage in Shun’s drawer. Exactly when Shun arrived, he caught kazukiyo looking at the bandage and told him to not touch it. Curious, Kazukiyo asked if this was from his first love. This made Shun annoyed and suddenly rapes (I can’t think of a more proper term) his brother. Ah. I love the sound of that. ( ̄ー ̄)

The confession in the second part of the last story was pretty much the best confession scene for me, I don’t know why. I just loved the idea that they both punched each other and later on made out hard. Mhmm.

So for the second part, Kazukiyo finally realizes why Shun was acting that way towards him. Shun actually loved him even before when they were still kids. Shun actually sacrificed himself for Kazukiyo not to have a hard time at school because their father wanted Kazukiyo to enter a private school before. So as we see it now, Shun’s an SM. Yum. So anyway, when Kazukiyo found out about it, he was really messed up. And to add to that, he found his old bandages hidden in some photobook and noticed it was the same bandage Shun kept in his room. He remembered that he bought this bandage to give to a girl he likes. Kazukiyo rushed to Shun’s room to confront him about how he truly feels and this is where the punching came along. Then after that, Shun finally confessed that he likes Kazukiyo ever since they were little – I seriously, seriously cried at this part and had to pause reading it because it was so touching. OTL

The sex scene – I was. Uhm. Well, I was speechless since it was too beautiful and difficult to handle… (.__.) /nearly exploding that time but really had to finish reading the whole manga.

I really found it sexy because Shun was the one who was instructing his older brother. ( ̄ー ̄) And Kiyo-nii-chan on the other hand, follows everything little brother says so of course anyone would nearly die because of their cuteness! Ehem, so anyway. After having sex, Kazukiyo asked Shun how he got his bandage, he doesn’t remember giving him one before. Then cute little brother told him he stole it because he was jealous of the girls whom Kazukiyo gave bandages to. LOLOMFGSOCUTE. OTL

The last part was so hilarious, their mom was leaving for a short while to meet with their dad. With the both of them being alone for quite some time, of course we know what happens next, right? (*A*) I swear all of the sex scenes in the last story were just so gorgeous. I had re-read the last story so many times ever since I started reading the manga.

So while they were doing it, Kazukiyo asked Shun why is he always the bottom when he’s the older brother. Shun told him that “there’s a legend in their family that if an older brother puts “it” in his younger brother, he’ll be cursed for life and will die.” I think my ribs just cracked when I laughed because of that statement, lol. Kazukiyo of course, believed it and just told Shun to continue entering him. ~(*u*~) AAAAH. IT WAS SO NICE. ❤

I really wish there’s a continuation to this work. HUUU. (;___;)

I need more Kazukiyo x Shun actions, please. </3

So anyway! I really, really loved the whole thing! The characters were so lovable and the plots were very, very interesting. My personal favorites are really the siblings but I also like Tatsuya and Saejima’s (since, in real life that kind of relationship is what I’ve always wanted… /gets shot). I love the illustrations so much. (*A*) Kobato Mebaru’s style is so distinct from other mangakas and as a student artist, I really think that’s awesome. I wish I can make my distinct style as well. (.__.)


Hope you enjoyed reading this awfully long entry. m(_ _)m


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