What I got yesterday.

First of all, I hope everyone’s enjoying my blog recently. (^_^; ) This is my first time having this kind of blog so please forgive me if I still can’t give you enough information. m(_ _)m

So for those who are paying attention to this blog – thank you very much! (TwT) Even though I only have a few respondents, I’m happy to see that at least somebody is visiting my page. (T~T)  Thank you very, very much!

So my order finally came in yesterday.  (*u*) I’m still waiting for Kojima Lalako’s 3 new tankoubon releases, though. D:

I actually have… 20+ items in my cart now and a few saved for later. So anyway, I’m thinking of buying all 20+ items altogether but DHL might divide my shipments again and… well, I’ll be broke when my birthday comes this June – since I’ll be also buying some new art supplies by then. (.__. )

Anyway, I’m done reading “Ano ko ga Kare o Suki na Riyuu” and thinking of making a review as soon as possible. (^u^ )


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