Reviews: あの子が彼を好きな理由 ~Ano ko ga Kare o Suki na Riyuu~ (ミリオンコミックス CRAFT SERIES 45)

AAAH. Finally! An update! Sorry if I update so slow. m(_ _)m

Anyway! “Ano ko ga Kare o Suki na Riyuu” is Mieno Saori’s 3rd tankoubon release. Well, 2nd to be precise since her “Hakumokuren ga Saita nara” is under a different author but she did the illustrations. Also, Ano ko ga Kare o Suki na Riyuu was earlier published in HertZ but later released in tankoubon form by CRAFT. Hrm. (.__.)

Let me just say that no words can describe how I felt when I read this. I couldn’t stop crying while reading every bit of the story. When I first ordered this early last month, I expected the story to be nothing but ordinary but when I finished reading it, it was more than what I truly expected. Well, the plot is quite typical but Mieno Saori managed to add an amazing twist to it which really made my heart stop in every scene. It’s very dramatic and the illustrations are very, let’s say, realistic, or matured-looking I can’t say the right term. OTL

Okay onto the plot!

Toono Nozomi is a high school student whose parents both died when he was still young and as a result, he came to live with his aunt and two cousins, Yuugou and Kengou. Because of his name and feminine face, Nozomi gets picked on a lot when he was young. Like in chapter 3, he was telling the story about his childhood and according to him, his bag was painted red and pink and was often made fun because of his appearance. The person who was always there for him was his favorite and beloved cousin, Yuugou. Yuugou is a father-like figure to both Nozomi and his little brother, Kengou. Nozomi began to like Yuugou because of his very caring attitude but since that night when Yuugou left and said that he’ll be back, he never came back and was later found dead, Nozomi never got to tell his true feelings and of course, had a hard time moving on from his first love – until he meets Hanawa Kaoru and develops a perplexing love affair.

Now at the start of the story, Nozomi sees Hanawa – a regular customer at his friend’s (Komiya) cafe. Hanawa’s face looks exactly just like Yuugou that when they first met, Nozomi actually thought that Yuugou came back to life. Fast forward to present time, Nozomi was at the cafe complaining to Komiya and Hanawa about his recent breakup. Hanawa showed his concern to Nozomi by asking Nozomi out on a date. On their first date, Nozomi couldn’t get a hold of Hanawa on his phone, he then remembered the night when Yuugou never came back. When Hanawa finally arrived, Nozomi mistook him for Yuugou and then apologized when he realizes it’s Hanawa. Hanawa then apologized for being late and that his phone ran out of battery. Later that evening, Nozomi wasn’t able to catch the last train so he couldn’t go home. Hanawa offered him to stay at his place for the night and it gave a different meaning to Nozomi. Hanawa noticed that Nozomi got offended by this so he told him that he won’t do anything to him. Since Nozomi couldn’t get over Yuugou’s death, he keeps on thinking about it a lot. And with Hanawa resembling Yuugou so much, Nozomi couldn’t help but remember Yuugou in Hanawa everytime. So the same night when they finally came up to Hanawa’s place, after having a short talk, Nozomi suddenly kissed Hanawa. Well, this could mean two things: Nozomi is of course, in need of another man and at the same time, he still longs for Yuugou. They haven’t seen each other a few days after that.

When they accidentally met again, Nozomi has this wound on his face which made Hanawa worried. At that time, Kengou saw them and suddenly tried to punch Hanawa because he mistook Hanawa for Nozomi’s boyfriend. Nozomi got mad and told Kengou to apologize to Hanawa. When Hanawa told Nozomi that it’s fine, Kengou noticed something about Hanawa’s personality – it reminded him so much about his older brother, Yuugou. Because of this, he had the feeling that Nozomi’s going out with this guy because of that same reason.

Hanawa started to think about Nozomi a lot. He even carelessly asked Nozomi about his boyfriend asking what kind of guy he is and that he’s very worried about him and his relationship. After that short talk, they get to meet Kengou again. But since Nozomi had to buy something, he had to leave first. Then when Hanawa was also about to leave, Kengou told him to try staying away from Nozomi since he doesn’t want Nozomi to think about Yuugou anymore. Ever since Yuugou died, Kengou tried his hardest to help Nozomi move on about Yuugou. And with Hanawa around, it’ll just be harder for Nozomi to move on. This left Hanawa wondering about

A few days later, Nozomi forgot his notebook at the usual cafe. When Hanawa saw it, he tried looking inside and accidentally saw Nozomi’s photo with Yuugou. At first Hanawa thought it was him. But that’s impossible because he doesn’t remember taking any picture with Nozomi before. When Nozomi came back and saw Hanawa looking at the picture, he immediately tried to grab it and ran away. Hanawa followed him, of course. After a few minutes, they finally settled and Nozomi explained who that person was to Hanawa. He explained that it’s Yuugou, Kengou’s older brother. He told Hanawa that he resembles him very much and at first, he eventually thought that he was Yuugou. When Hanawa finally realized the connection, he started to think about what Nozomi truly feels about him. Does Nozomi like him because he resembles his late cousin? Or does Nozomi like him for…  him? OTL

Komiya noticed the tension between them and told Hanawa that Nozomi likes him. Hanawa denied this and by telling himself that he’s not the person who Nozomi really likes, but it was Yuugou. Komiya then told him to try taking Nozomi out but eventually, Hanawa didn”t show up on that day. A few moments later, Hanawa came to Komiya and told him that he wasn’t able to go. Komiya then told him that Nozomi kept on asking about him and that why didn’t he try to contact Nozomi earlier. Guilty by this, Hanawa tried going to the place where he and Nozomi was supposed to meet at. Thinking that Nozomi already got home because it was raining so hard, he got surprised when he heard Nozomi calling him.

Nozomi eventually waited for him and was very happy to see him, as usual. When they came up to Hanawa’s place, Nozomi told Hanawa that he won’t be coming back to the cafe anymore since he doesn’t want Hanawa to get irritated by him. Surprised by this, Hanawa told him that it’s not really like that. But Nozomi shouted at him saying that he’s lying since he noticed that Hanawa’s been avoiding him lately. Hanawa told him that he likes him and explained that he just doesn’t want him to be in pain by remembering Yuugou all the time when they meet. He also asked Nozomi if he’s not good enough. Nozomi then answered him by telling him that he likes him but, he’s not sure what this “like” is. He doesn’t know if this “like” is about Hanawa or Yuugou. Hanawa told him that either way is fine with him, that he’ll just believe in Nozomi about liking him.

The sex scene was very romantic.  I can’t really say it’s the most romantic scene I ever saw, but it’s one of the most beautiful BL sex scenes I have ever seen. Not much erotic positions, just plain straddling –  which is my favorite, lol. It’s the type of scene where you can really feel their love with each other. Ah, such a beautiful scene. ;__;

After that, Nozomi had a dream about Yuugou. When Nozomi was still young, Yuugou used to ask him about the person he likes. And this scene was quite surprising and precious at the same time because when Nozomi was about to answer Yuugou, he noticed that he’s having a hard time saying the name. You’ll already notice that that dream is a sign which means that he’s finally starting to move on and finally settling his feelings for Hanawa – ONLY. But since Nozomi woke up mumbling Yuugou’s name beside Hanawa, it gave Hanawa a different meaning.

The next day, they had a short misunderstanding which made Hanawa decide to take Nozomi out to dinner. Now when Nozomi entered the restaurant, he was so shocked to see Hanawa’s new haircut that is very similar to Yuugou’s already. Nozomi got upset by this so Hanawa explained to him that he only did this because he wants Nozomi to be happy. He thought that by looking a lot like Yuugou, Nozomi would always stay beside him. Ahh, this scene really made me cry a lot because I can really feel Hanawa struggling and trying his best to be loved by Nozomi. He really thinks that Nozomi couldn’t be happy with anyone else but Yuugou so he came this far by looking  a lot like Yuugou  just so he can please  Nozomi. But then Nozomi told him that he’s already satisfied with Hanawa by just being himself. He also mentioned that night when he dreamt of Yuugou again. He told Hanawa that the person whose name he was about to mention was him and not Yuugou. So obviously, Nozomi already moved on by this time. Also, when Hanawa asked him to look at him, Nozomi couldn’t look straight at him so he told Hanawa to remove his glasses, lol. And in the end, Nozomi told him that he loves Hanawa for being himself no matter what. /forever crying at this scene.

The extra story just shows how they’re doing together. The last chapter’s kind of cute because Hanawa gets jealous easily, lol. And oh yeah, Hanawa started to wear contacts already and according to him, he feels embarassed without his glasses on. Sigh. Seriously. The things this guy went through. I can’t even. UGH. Hanawa, you’re one of my favorite characters now. ❤

The story ends with Nozomi telling Hanawa “Thank you for loving me.”

WOAH. Long review right there. (.__.)

Anyway. I LOVED the whole thing. I can’t help but cry all the time whenever I recall the story. Overall, Nozomi and Hanawa are such a gorgeous couple. The story is very dramatic and touching which, if you’re a person who can easily be moved, you’ll easily cry because of it – just like me. OTL

I loved their character developments – both of them. Eventhough the plot is quite ordinary, Mieno Saori was able to give it such an amazing twist which really made the story seem so unique and overwhelming. Every scene you read, you can really feel the characters’ feelings – which is amazing. Also, Mieno Saori’s serious art did wonders to the story as well. This is one of my favorite reads ever. Definitely a must read.


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