Some releases.

I am so sorry for the lack of new updates lately. Been busy with some illustrations I’m working on and last night I couldn’t update about next month’s releases because I was also busy reading Takarai Rihito’s “Hana no Mizo Shiru” . I still have to read some old Yamana Hiko titles after that. /currently burried but loving it OTL

Anyway, onto the releases!

  • Hanaoto

I never really gave much attention to Hanaoto’s comics anthologies until I saw one of their cover illustrations by Sakura Haiji. And I see CJ Michalski – uhh, well it’s not that I don’t like her works but I knew her for doing a lot of shotacon titles before and, I have this love-hate relationship with shotacon stories (Cobra Mansion of Terror, anyone?). OTL;;

Ah. I see Sakuraga Mei’s work again. It’s been a while since I last read her Waruikoto series (haven’t finished it yet, though). I miss Towa’s adorable stupidity. (;w;)

For some May releases…

I am so curious about Fujisaki Kou’s works. Even though I don’t really like her kind of serious art that much, I want to give her stories a try. Will do more research about her soon.


Quite excited for next month’s releases! (*u*) I feel Koshino’s “Acchi to Kocchi” cover illustration will be so cute. Also, Sagami Waka’s anticipated “Dramatic Maestro Vol.3” will finally be released. Speaking of Sagami Waka, I forgot to order her “Kamatte Kawaii Hito” in my last orders. OTL Her cover illustrations are soooooo cute. Not familiar with any of Chitose Piyoko’s works but I have seen numerous covers of her works which are, well, usually very, very sexy. /cough (ーー;)

For magazine/anthology releases…

作家名: 楢崎壮太、国枝彩香、やまかみ梨由、他
発売日: 2011.05.07
予約価格:630円 (税込)

小説b-Boy 2011年5月号
作家名: あさぎり夕、榎田尤利、夢乃咲実、他
発売日: 2011.04.14
予約価格:720円 (税込)

BE・BOY GOLD 2011年6月号
発売日: 2011.04.28
予約価格:790円 (税込)

b-BOY HONEY(10) ロイヤル特集
作家名: 新田祐克、不破慎理、環 レン、他
発売日: 2011.05.30
予約開始: 2011.05.16
価格:940円 (税込)

Citron VOL. 8
作家名: 蒼井せり、雲田はるこ、北別府ニカ、他
発売日: 2011.05.02
予約開始: 2011.04.18
価格:980円 (税込)

  • GUSH

Another release by Chitose Piyoko is “Pantsu o Nugasumade ga Ensoku desu!” under GUSH. Such a naughty title, lol. Also, a release by yet another shotacon mangaka – “Denka no Kaden” by Miyashita Kitsune. Shotacon genres are haunting me. (.__.)

GUSH mania EX S彼・M彼(アンソロジー著者他複数)
価 格: ¥980(税込)
発売日: 2011/04/25

GUSH peche vol.13 泣く
価 格: ¥980(税込)
発売日: 2011/05/25

  • Daria



Those are just some of the releases for late April and next month. I seriously don’t know what to buy for next month because I’m thinking of collecting all previous BL anthologies first before buying new ones. Yes, I’m waaaay behind, lol.

Until the next update! ( ̄∀ ̄)/


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