Because Kojima Lalako is love.

IT’S FINALLY HERE. (;A;) ADFGJKHKHLSKDJFJGL; I swear I nearly hugged the DHL delivery guy when he handed me the package earlier. ( ̄□ ̄;)I’m still waiting for two more orders tomorrow. (*u*) Then maybe – just maybe, I’ll let my wallet rest for a while. No wait, I can’t. I still have to buy back issues of some BL anthologies/magazines. (;~;)

So anyway, I’ll let everyone have a peek of this most-anticipated Kojima Lalako release. Enjoy~

A colored page of “Hira Hira no Fuwari“.

The quality of the book is gorgeous. I always get to notice the kind of papers used in books that’s why I appreciate good paper quality. I’m also like that for my notebooks and journals. ( ̄□ ̄;)

A colored page of “Hana no Mani Mani“.

This is my first time ever to hold a BBC book – and it’s by Kojima Lalako. /so happy (T▽T)

I was supposed to show some snippets from the two mangas but I think everyone should just buy to see it for yourselves. And of course, to support the mangaka. (^_^)

Ah, so many to read. But it’s Kojima Lalako so it’s no problem. (T▽T)


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