Reviews: いやよやめてよ ~Iya yo Yamete yo~ (ビーボーイコミックス)

Iya yo Yamete yo” is Kojima Lalako’s second tankoubon release (her first through BBC). It consists of 3 shots of “Iya yo Yamete yo“, act 1-3 of “Hana no Ma ni Ma ni” and 2 shots of “Ohime-sama wa Wakattenai” (“Ouji-sama mo Wakattenai” being the new addition to the last shot). As expected, the stories are adorable, especially the characters. (*´∀`*)

So the main story is about two high school students – Koharu, a first year, and his super adorable second year boyfriend, Naota. I must say that Naota is so, so, soooo adorable! I’m not really into girly-looking ukes but I really fell in love with Naota. His attitude is too cute and if I were a guy, I’d totally, totally have se– I mean, will totally date him. Ehem. (ーー;)

Anyway! Koharu and Naota have been together for two months already. Also, Naota agreed to stay at Koharu’s house which, according to Koharu, makes him want to die in happiness, lol.

A lovely colored page of “Hana no Ma ni Ma ni“.

At the start of the story, Koharu was telling about the “unfortunate” incident that happened earlier at school. Earlier that afternoon, he proudly bought a Wii for him and Naota. However, when he went to Naota’s classroom to pick him up, he caught Naota with another senior who are seemingly about to do something together. Saddened by this, Koharu finally went home alone.

When Naota came home, Koharu suddenly kissed him and asked about the incident earlier. According to Koharu, he haven’t even kissed Naota but Naota already agreed to do it with somebody else. Naota then explained that he came to that particular senior of his to ask an advice about his nipples since they were too big and he doesn’t want to be laughed at about it. Because of that, Koharu took a look at Naota’s breasts to see his nipples each covered with a bandage. Weird enough, he Koharu found it cute. Well, it IS cute. Aaaahhh, because of Kojima Lalako, my love for girly-looking ukes have stimulated, lol.

So of course, we know what comes in next. Yes, it’s the sex scene. Kojima Lalako is my goddess of all yaoi sex cuteness. The flustered expression of her characters are just gorgeous. The way she drew Naota’s nipples appeared extremely sexy.

The next of their story is “Amai Seikatsu“. I kind of like this one best because it’s really full of erotic cuteness and of course, more of Naota being his extremely adorable self. So in this story, Naota already found a part-time job and was very excited about it. Unfortunately, because of his feminine looks, his manager asked him to wear a sera-fuku outfit to work. Annoyed by this, he went home and ranted to Koharu about it. Of course, Koharu found the outfit cute on Naota and eventually put it to good use for his own entertainment, lol. Now the sex scenes here were really hot I must say. Plus, it’s crossdressing. Who can ever resist boys who crossdress?

I really think everyone will find the ending of the second story hilariously adorable. Koharu finally proposed to Naota for them to get married, but when Naota explained what kind of image of the wedding he has in mind, he said that Koharu’s going to be the bride, lol. Ahh cuteness.

Now their last story, entitled “Himitsu wa Zenbu Basu no Naka“, is once again about Koharu and Naota’s naughtyness – this time, they did it in a hazardous place, which is in the bus where other students might see them.

So anyway in this story, Koharu and Naota went on a trip to a friend’s baseball game – or was it only a training. Naota’s the cheerleader, by the way. Koharu tried to join him because he felt uneasy just watching Naoto but then another student stopped him from joining because he might bring bad atmosphere to the game (is what I understood).

So fast forward to the good scenes. Knowing Koharu’s unending lust for Naota, they did it inside the bus even if they had other people with them that time. Thankfully, the bus had some curtains (for the window and the seat). They were nearly caught, though. OTL

I must tell you that considering “Iya yo Yamete yo” is just a compilation of oneshots, it’s quite fast-paced, obviously. There really is no story to it just cute love and a more cuter sex.

The next story, “Hana no Ma ni Ma ni” is about a boy named Ryuuhei who has an extreme brother complex on his older brother, Jun. Jun’s the type who’s always cheerful and appreciates his little brother very much. Jun also loved lilies so much, that’s why Ryuuhei always tries to buy it for him everytime. Ryuuhei have always loved his brother but it was more of a needy love than a simple brotherly love. And by “needy”, I mean he’s been lusting over his brother.

However, when Ryuuhei finally confessed and tried to kiss Jun, he got smacked. Days after when Ryuuhei finally decided to apologize, Jun suddenly died in an accident. Since then, Ryuuhei’s been buying lilies and comes into Jun’s room everyday.

Anyway, onto the main story. Aoi is Ryuuhei’s childhood friend and at the same time, his classmate. Aoi’s a typical childhood friend. He always tries to make Ryuuhei happy because Ryuuhei’s always been cold and really doesn’t talk much. One time when Aoi brought Ryuuhei out to dinner with some girls, the girls found out about Ryuuhei’s brother and started to ask about him. When they checked Ryuuhei’s photo folder, they were full of Jun’s photos. Because of that, one of the girls said that it was abnormal for Ryuuhei to keep so much photos of his brother. Irritated by this, Ryuuhei shouted at the girls to give his phone back but to the girls’ surprised reactions, his phone got thrown into a spilled glass of water. Ryuuhei then immediately got his phone and left. Aoi also got pissed at the girls so before he left to follow Ryuuhei, he said some harsh words to the girl who was mostly at fault.

When Aoi caught up with Ryuuhei, he tried to fix Ryuuhei’s phone and apologized about the incident. Ryuuhei suddenly cried saying he doesn’t know what he’ll do if his phone got broken. Aoi then kissed Ryuuhei on the spur of the moment. Although before this, Aoi have always noticed Ryuuhei smells like flowers all the time. For that reason, he was kind of dazed because of the scent that’s why he kissed Ryuuhei so suddenly. Thinking it was a joke, Ryuuhei didn’t mind it.

Days after, Aoi was about to tell Ryuuhei that he seriously likes him – a lot. But it had a different meaning to Ryuuhei since he thought Aoi just wants to have sex with him. But when Aoi tried to explain that it’s not like that, Ryuuhei told him not to say such strange words since Aoi doesn’t really know what happened between him and his older brother.

The next day, Aoi went to Ryuuhei’s place. Since Ryuuhei was out, Aoi got to talk with his older sister. That’s when he knew about half of the incident between Ryuuhei and Jun – and also the reason why Ryuuhei smells like flowers all the time. When Ryuuhei finally got home, Aoi was still there waiting for him. When Ryuuhei told him to go home, Aoi suddenly hugged him and asked Ryuuhei if he did it with his older brother. Ryuuhei then told him that it was just a kiss but his brother reacted quite violently to it. He explained that when he was about to apolgize already, his brother suddenly died in an accident. Hearing those, Aoi confessed to Ryuuhei again saying he seriously wants to have sex with him. He also said that it’s okay for him to be a replacement of Jun.

The following day, Aoi went to Ryuuhei’s house again. When they both went up to Ryuuhei’s room, Aoi suddenly pinned Ryuuhei to the door. And at the heat of the moment, Aoi serviced Ryuuhei on the spot. After a few minutes of Aoi’s naughtyness, Ryuuhei told him that he already agreed to do it with Aoi. So they went inside Ryuuhei’s room after that. A while later, Aoi was complaining why Ryuuhei didn’t call his name even once when they were doing it, lol. Ryuuhei’s such a crybaby and it was really cute when he apologized to Aoi. Aoi then aplogized as well for having such disgusting fetishes. Why the hell are they so cute!? (T▽T)

After that, they haven’t met each other for 3 weeks. Then the day they finally met again, Aoi was telling Ryuuhei how could he not show up to him for the past 3 weeks. Ryuuhei explained that he got busy with flower arrangement. Aoi was still bitter so he asked what brings Ryuuhei to school so suddenly. Then Ryuuhei told him he has some tasks to do and that he also came because of another very important thing (or person). When Aoi asked what this “important” thing is, Ryuuhei finally told him that it’s okay to fall in love with him. Of course what he truly wants to say is that he has also fallen in love for Aoi. (*´▽`*)

This story is my favorite. I really loved it. I love Ryuuhei’s and Aoi’s character developments. You can really feel the pure love between them. The way how Ryuuhei tried to forget his past with his brother and finally move on to Aoi was just overwhelming. When you finally get to see Aoi’s naughty side, you’ll love him. I honestly thought I wasn’t going to like Aoi when I started reading it. Ryuuhei reminded me of Kaede (from “Hana no Arashi wa“) so much. (ーー;)

Anyway, the last story is “Ohime-sama wa Wakattenai“. It’s about a boy named Haruna who has quite an angst in his life. To add to that, there’s this twin brothers who are both a nuisance to him.

The twins’ names are Kirishima Kento and Kirishima Akito. Akito being the older one. They’re Haruna’s childhood friends who suddenly transferred to his school last summer and both have been clinging to him ever since. When asked what’s their reason for transferring, they always say it’s for Haruna’s sake. Haruna’s been quite a loner ever since he was little so the twins always make sure to make Haruna happy by being with him all the time. Although this attitude of theirs really irritates Haruna to the point he collapsed because of anger, lol. Haruna’s really short-tempered that’s why he often gets into fights (when he was little) and the twins knew this since they were kids. Funny since in the first few scenes, I think it was Akito who asked why Haruna always gets so pissed easily, then they both said “menstruation?” LOL. OTL

So when Haruna collapsed, Kento suddenly panicked asking what can they do and started to cry. Akito then punched Kento and reminded him about their vows. Because when they were little, when they see Haruna crying, they couldn’t do anything. So they vowed to each other that they’ll do whatever they can for Haruna. When Akito told Kento to bring Haruna to the clinic, Kento immediately snatched Haruna from Akito and left, lol.

So inside the clinic, Kento told Haruna that he and his brother have fallen for him ever since. Then after that, he started to take off Haruna’s pants and serviced him. After a short while, Akito came in and caught them. Haruna was relieved to see him since he thought he’ll help him get out of his current situation but instead, Akito told Kento that he was deceptive. Kento and Akito actually planned to have a threesome with Haruna for his birthday, but since Kento already started, Akito just agreed to continue with it. Omg. Hahaha!

A very short and hilarious story, lol. The Haruna and the twins are just so adorable. The twins love to tease Haruna so much. You won’t get bored if you read it because 70% of it is just pure awesome sex. Among the twins, I really loved Akito’s straightforward attitude. He’s the most dominant in their threesome and he looked and sounded so hot when he finally entered Haruna. I like Kento because of his cute attitude. He reminds me of Dorasuke (from “Neko no Yomeiri“). Heh.

Then the last newest addition to this series is “Ouji-sama wa Wakattenai“. At the start of the story, Haruna was dreaming about what to get the twins for their birthday. Then when he came home, he found the two lying on the floor covered in blood. When he woke up, he saw the twins undressing him already, lol. In this story, it’s the twin’s birthday already and what present could be more perfect than Haruna? Yes, Haruna actually told the twins that for their birthday, they can do whatever they want to him. And then of course in the end, the twins requested for bondage and stuff like that. ( ̄ー ̄)

Overall, the stories were very cute. Although, not really something I would  recommend if you want a great read. If you want crack with a bit of drama on the side, then this is for you. I really enjoyed reading “Hana no Ma ni Ma ni” a lot, though.

So that ends this review. Will do a “Neko no Yomeiri” review next. I’m still deciding whether I’m going to review Junko’s “Star-like Words” or Sunae Hata’s “Neko no Me no Horoscope” – that is if I’m not busy this week. (.__. )


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