Itsuki Makoto cover + Daria + CRAFT.

Daria already posted Itsuki Makoto’s cover for “Oyomesan Hokaku Keikaku“! Isn’t it cute?! (*´▽`*)

I’ve been waiting for this cover since I knew about its release. The title really amused me since the title means “bride capture plan’. The cover looks just what I expected it to be. It’s so adorable. ❤

I’m fairly new to Itsuki Makoto’s works and I’m very excited to try reading this new tankoubon release. I’m also planning on buying her other previous works such as “Henai Jijou” and “Hoshigari na Kimi“. I’m still waiting for the cover of “Katei Choukyoushi” since the title also seems so interesting. Haha

Anyway together with Itsuki Makoto’s cover, Daria also posted their June issue with Fuyuno Ikuya’s “Patchwork Family” on the cover + Fuyuna Ikuya’s “Binetsu no Kajitsu 2 ~Butterfly Sky~“. Speaking of Fuyuna Ikuya, I’m also thinking of giving her works a try. For those who have been paying attention to this blog for the past few months, I (vaguely) stated that I’m still on the verge of discovering new and old mangakas and Fuyuna Ikuya is one of them. I heard she makes amazing smut so I’m really excited to give her works a try – maybe even her shoujo smut, “Happy Happy Bravo”  because I’m sooo curious about it, lol.

On another note, CRAFT has already posted their cover for vol. 48 on their website! Yay for a larger version + more info on the lineup. (*u*)

I’m still working on my next reviews so please do look forward to it. (*^▽^*)

PS: Spammed everyone with Kojima Lalako, Sunae Hata and Junko manga scans in my tumblr yesterday. (´ー`)


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