Reviews: ねこの嫁入り~Neko no Yomeiri~ (ミリオンコミックス Hertz Series 97)

Neko no Yomeiri” is Kojima Lalako’s first ever tankoubon release and her first through HertZ. But even though this is her first tankoubon release, she already did illustrations for a novel by Kuriki Shinobu entitled “Koi wo Suru ni wa Too Sugite“. I think this tankoubon was very much anticipated by many. Even when I first heard of Kojima Lalako, I immediately checked her works and fell in love with her illustrations immediately. Also, even if I’m not familiar with her works during those times, I had a feeling I would love her stories very much that’s why I was one of the many who eagerly anticipated for this tankoubon’s release. (*´▽`*)

I’ve read some reviews and as expected, a lot of readers found the stories extremely cute and I can’t agree more. I’m so glad I got into Kojima Lalako’s works. ❤

So anyway, onto the review. It contains three stories: “Himitsu no Rika-chan” which is a oneshot, “Neko no Yomeiri“, main story with 3 chapters and “Fuwa Fuwa no Hirari” which is also a oneshot.

An adorable first colored page of “Fuwa Fuwa no Hirari“!

So the first story is “Himitsu no Rika-chan“. Kazuaki is your typical sweet guy who gets into an impulsive relationship with the very lovely Marikawa – or “Rika-chan” as Kazuaki often calls him. Their relationship was quite vague at first since Kazuaki doesn’t really know the real reason why Rika abruptly started going out with him. Kazuaki admires Rika very much – crazy in love as we call it. He finds everything about Rika mesmerizing and it’s really a mystery why someone like Rika started to go out with a typical guy like him.

One day, a certain guy told Kazuaki a rumor about Rika. According to him, with Rika’s cute face, it’s easy for him to get any guy he wants and that he’s just playing with Kazuaki. Of course, Kazuaki didn’t believe it and resulted getting into a fist fight because of that.

The following day, Rika asked him about his wounds. He didn’t say the reason behind it and just joked about getting into a fight with a monkey and lost, lol. Rika told him that he was uncool but then asked he’ll give him anything he would ask for as a kind of loser reward or pity reward, lol. With that, Kazuaki was about to tell Rika his intentions but hesitated to continue with it and walked away. After a while, Rika followed him to the restroom and asked why he was behaving like that. Kazuaki then told him that he doesn’t really know anything about Rika and thought that it was okay that way. But since he loves Rika so much, he’s worrying about the rumors and said that he’s stupid about thinking that Rika’s only playing with him.

Rika then told him that he also loves him and later explained the truth about why he started going out with Kazuaki. It turns out with was love at first sight and that he was just too shy to admit it. Aww (*´▽`*)

Such a cute story I must say. Kazuaki and Rika are such a lovely couple and the way how they found out their true feelings with each other, it was such a lovely scene. Of course after that is the sex scene. Well, the sex scene was more of a teary kind. I mean, you won’t see much of the penetration and such – just Rika’s lovely moe crying face. Although I really wish there’s a next chapter to this. (T▽T)

Next is the main story, “Neko no Yomeiri“. It’s about a high school boy named Yukiharu whose beloved cat named ‘Dorasuke’ died 6 years ago but later came back to life in human form – with cat ears!

So anyway, Dorasuke suddenly came up to Yukiharu one morning telling him that he came back (to earth) to see him again. Of course Yukiharu didn’t believe him thinking he’s just some weird guy with cat ears pretending to be his dead cat, so he just walked away. A while later after school, when Yukiharu arrived at his house, he saw Dorasuke talking with his mom while he waited. Shocked by this, Yukiharu then told him to come with him to his room. There, Dorasuke explained everything to him.

He asked a favor from God to give me a chance to live again just to see his beloved master once again. But that wasn’t enough for Yukiharu to believe him, though. So in order for Yukiharu to believe him, he asked what embarrassing thing Dorasuke used to do to him a long time ago – and that is mistakenly scratching his penis all the time, lol. So when Dorasuke answered it correctly, Yukiharu finally believed him and resulted to a very happy moe face of Yukiharu and a matching moment which triggered Dorasuke’s kitty sex drive. So when Dorasuke got all heated up, he nearly forgot about God’s condition, and that is to not have sex with Yukiharu or else he’ll definitely vanish. With Yukiharu knowing this, of course he wants Dorasuke to stay by his side but at the same time, he’s also frustrated about what Dorasuke really wants and that is to have sex with him.

Days passed and Dorasuke was already a regular at their house and their relationship is going quite well. However, Dorasuke is having a hard time controlling himself and Yukiharu noticed that everytime. So Yukiharu told him that it’s already his summer break and went to a summer festival with Dorasuke. There, Yukiharu finally decided to let Dorasuke have sex with him. Of course, he knew about the consequences but since he loved Dorasuke so much and that he doesn’t like seeing him in pain by controlling his urge to have sex with him,  he finally agreed.

After that, Dorasuke asked to leave for a while since Yukiharu’s mom was asking for help with some household stuff. In this scene, Yukiharu knew what was going to happen so he let Dorasuke go but still told him to come back. When Dorasuke left, Yukiharu cried and thought to himself that at least he still got to see Dorasuke smiling. There you can really see and feel how Yukiharu loves Dorasuke so much that he sacrificed finally being with Dorasuke again for what Dorasuke wants. I really think Yukiharu tried to believe in what Dorasuke usually told him about the “Power of Love”. But of course, God’s words are God’s words. They had sex so naturally the consequences comes next.

A long time has passed and Dorasuke still hasn’t come back. Yukiharu just tried to accept the way things are without seeing Dorasuke anymore. Ten years have passed and Yukiharu is now a working guy.  Yukiharu still looked the same minus the side bangs, though, lol. So anyway, the ending scene was just beautiful. I couldn’t stop crying since it was so touching. Turns out Dorasuke was given a final chance to live again and this time, as a human – without the cat ears. The words Dorasuke told Yukiharu “I really turned into a human being now so it’s alright. From now on, even if Yukiharu turns into a grandpa, we’ll be always together.” – kind of like that. I kind of had a hard time finishing it because I couldn’t stop crying, lol. I couldn’t stand how beautiful the story was. Especially the last page. Agh. SO TOUCHING. (;A;) I might post it on my tumblr next time.

Kojima Lalako really did a good job in balancing the conflicts in the story and that’s why I loved it. I like it when a mangaka does predictable story endings but at the end, you’ll go “oh my goodness I didn’t expect THAT to happen”. Because for me I really did see Dorasuke coming back to his master once again – and yes in human form already BUT the dialogue in the ending was just so priceless. Definitely recommended.

The last story is “Fuwa Fuwa no Hirari” or “Hira Hira no Fuwari” – just the same meanings. So anyway, Yukimura is a part-time working student who fell in love with Shida, a single parent who works (or owns) a flower shop just near where Yukimura works.

At the start of the story, Yukimura confesses his love to Shida but got (physically) rejected by Shida’s daughter, Nozomi, lol. Four days after that, Yukimura hasn’t received any mails from Shida regarding his confession. Yukimura has always liked – or loved Shida since he always goes to Shida’s flower shop and buys a bunch of flowers just so he can talk with Shida everytime.

So fast forward to the climax of the story. Shida’s grandparents-in-law took Nozomi away from him without him knowing. Upset by this, he suddenly bumped into Yukimura while taking a walk in town so he then invited him out to dinner since he has nothing to do that time anyway. Yukimura noticed how Shida is behaving strangely so he asked him what was wrong. Shida then changed the topic by asking Yukimura why he likes him that much since he doesn’t really get why a normal guy like him is likeable, lol. So Yukimura explained that it was love at first sight and he liked how Shida seems so kind all the time. Moved by this, Shida finally explained why he was acting strange and that’s because of his insecurities about his daughter Nozomi. Yukimura tried to comfort him – and by comforting, I mean sex.

When Yukimura woke up the following day, Shida left him a message saying he’s sorry for making him wait about his feelings (what he meant was his answer to Yukimura’s feelings) and by ruining his feelings by sleeping with him – I think. Even so, Yukimura still accepted the fact that he was just used. But honestly, even if it seems like Yukimura was just used by Shida, I really think it’s just that Shida wasn’t really prepared to face him just yet.

A year has passed and Yukimura hasn’t visited Shida’s flower shop ever since that night. Yukimura was now working part-time as a Santa Clause in town – you know, the ones who gives balloons, take pictures for passersby and such. There he met Shida once again who has been looking for him for a long time now. So there Shida told him that he was looking for him everywhere but couldn’t reach him and he was told that Yukimura went out of town. After that, Shida confessed to him already. The words Yukimura have always expected to hear from him. Although it was kind of vague in the manga since Shida didn’t continue on with “I like you”. But we all know that’s what he’s going to say, lol.

Honestly, Neko no Yomeiri kind of overpowered the last story for me. But I really liked the last story even if the plot is quite ordinary. Although I really like Shida’s character. There’s something mysterious about his true personality that I just can’t think of. I really don’t know if he’s a jerk or just a coward. But nonetheless, I enjoyed it. I really like stories wherein a character is already trying to move on about a certain person he loved and this certain person comes to him after so many years and finally settles with him. Yup. I’m a sucker for those. (;___;)

So anyway! The last extra chapter of Neko no Yomeiri which is entitled “Neko ga Yomeiri” is about Yukiharu and Dorasuke’s current relationship situation! So in this story, Yukiharu decided to tell his mom about him and Dorasuke. At first of course he was nervous because he’s thinking of his mom’s possible reactions about it. But thankfully! His mom was okay with it which resulted to Dorasuke glomping Yukiharu’s mom nonstop, lol.

The part when they were talking about Dorasuke getting a job was just too adorable. Since Dorasuke also wants to go to work so he can buy Yukiharu some gifts using his own money, Yukiharu annoyingly told him not to do it. And when Dorasuke asked why, Yukiharu told him “because you’re my bride.” (*´▽`*) Ah. So sweet these two are. I really loved how their story went. Ohoho

Overall, it was such a good read. I reaaaally recommend it to everyone. For those who can’t read Japanese, if only I can translate the whole book for you guys but sadly I can’t just give away scanlations, lol. Hopefully some scanlation team will pick up this gorgeous book soon. Really a 5 star read! Kojima Lalako, I love youuu. (*3*)

So anyway! That concludes today’s review! I’m sorry I haven’t updated for the past few days. Been suffering with skin allergies and colds. Ugh. For those who have been reading this blog, thank you! I am happy to be receiving even just a few questions on my tumblr and formspring lately. Please do not hesitate to ask!  Even if it’s not about BL since, for those of you who have read my “about me” page, I’m also into gaming and other animanga genres. Hee

Until the next update!


4 thoughts on “Reviews: ねこの嫁入り~Neko no Yomeiri~ (ミリオンコミックス Hertz Series 97)

  1. omg this was so adorable xDxD it’s been a good while since i’ve read a really good BL so this was a real treat when I borrowed it off a friend >w< glad to hear dat i wasn't the only one who was going HNNNNNNNNNNG over dorasuke xDxD

    gonna link u if u dont mind, seems as awesome bl blog =P

    • Dorasuke’s too adorable isn’t he??! *w* I swear I couldn’t stop giggling while reading the extra chapter!!
      Good thing you were able to borrow this from you friend! It’s really worth reading right? (*´▽`*)

      Aww thank youu!! I really appreciate it. ;w;

  2. hi~ just stumbled upon your site while searching for reviews for Neko no Yomeiri since i’m planning to buy since an english translation is available now~ I love your review, it made me convinced to buy it… you’re from the PH right? got suprised to see a fellow fujoshi in the PH having this blog!~

    • Hi thanks for reading and visiting my blog! ;v;)/
      And ahh yes! More and more Filipino fujoshis are getting to know this blog—it makes me really happy. ❤
      Hopefully you'll enjoy reading the actual manga soon!

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