Plan on future reviews + insight on Sekaiichi Hatsukoi – I love it too much.

So yesterday while thinking about what to post in my next update, doing a series/OVA review suddenly occurred to me. Since not all of you can buy Japanese tankoubons off online stores and personally appreciate it by being able to read it than just reading my reviews, I thought of posting series/OVA reviews from now on. But please don’t expect me to post the download links here. I pretty much assume you guys already know where to download, right? ( ̄ー ̄)

Okay so anyway, moving on. So as I stated before in this post, I’m really in love with Shungiku Nakamura’s Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. I mean seriously, it pwns Junjou Romantica BIGTIME. I love it so, sooooo much. \(;A;)/Also, this series has some kind of sentimental value to me. I’ve always dreamed of working in a manga publishing company and this series made me realize a lot of things about manga publishing – especially the “cycle”, lol.

So I was watching the first episode of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi earlier (yes, I know I’m so late) and I couldn’t help but scream and giggle to myself all throughout the whole episode. What made me love it more is the opening and ending theme songs – ESPECIALLY THE ENDING SONG! (*A*) I found JR’s OP theme for the first season a bit hilarious, lol. But the ED for season 1 and OP and ED for season 2 are just fine.

As usual, the opening is so lively and colorful – just like JR. Although I find Sekaiichi’s video much cuter. Ugh. Why do I sound so biased. OTL

SERIOUSLY. THIIIIS. I can’t explain how much I LOOOVE this ED. The song is just so perfect for the video! (T▽T) I hope

So for those who haven’t checked it out yet, these are just some of the highlights (and my favorite) scenes from episode 1-3. I forgot to include episode 0 but I think everyone got to watch it already.

Personally, I’d totally go with Sekaiichi than Junjou. The characters in Sekaiichi are much more amusing (especially Kisa) and the couples are just adorable. The thing I didn’t like about Junjou ROMANTICA in particular is that Akihiko treats Misaki as his sex toy. Well it looks fun (lol) but  it often leaves me half-hearted. I prefer Terrorist more than the canon.

About Shungiku Nakamura’s character design, I really find it funny because all her main characters seem to look alike. Takano looks like he’s Akihiko and Miyagi’s lovechild, lol. And Onodera is Misaki + Hiroki + Shinobu in one. THEIR ATTITUDES, TOO. ❤

Anyway, I hope everyone got to enjoy the anime as much as I did. I’m still reading the manga (now in volume 3) and plan to buy the original tankoubons soon. So yeah about my previous blog entry entitled “mixed feelings” (which I linked above before the cut), it seems I will never drift away from Shungiku Nakamura and her lovely works.

Also, I heard tomorrow will be finally be the airing of the 4th episode! I honestly can’t wait for Kisa’s story!!! \(*A*)/


2 thoughts on “Plan on future reviews + insight on Sekaiichi Hatsukoi – I love it too much.

  1. Hello, I just happen by this post (by total accident) and had to comment. Hope that’s okay?

    I totally agree with you about Sekaiichi Hatsukoi “pawning” Junjou Romantica. I definitely enjoyed Junjou, but only because of the terroist couple (they were so much more realer than the others). I guess I just didn’t get the “interesting” vibe as I do with the characters in Sekaiichi.

    Speaking of Sekaiichi, so far its totally blown me away. I’d been reading the manga but fell out of touch with it. After watching the first episode I totally remembered how much of a wonderful series it is. I’m looking forward to future chapters and episodes.

    By the way, totally agree with the ending song! I never really like any of the openings and endings of BL series, but this made me squeal like a 12-year old fangirl. 🙂

    • Hi! It’s absolutely okay! I actually appreciate it when someone comments on my posts at least I know that someone’s willing to share to me their thoughts about it. (*´▽`*)

      I’m glad to know we have the same impression about it! I also fell out of touch with the manga before but when I got to watch it – my goodness it’s absolutely NNNGGH. Haha!

      I know right!? (*A*) The ending song + video is so lovely. The scenes in the video were so perfect for the song, lol. I just love it too much. ❤

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