Some exciting releases.

Sorry it’s only now that I got to check some BL release updates. This will be kind of a short post since I forgot to list down all the releases for this month and next month. Gahd. OTL

These are just some of the exciting releases for May and June..

For drap, Okuda Nanao’s releasing her latest tankoubon, “Kimi no Tonari wa Ore no Mon!” on the 25th of May. I’m really, really excited for this even if I only got to read her “Rinjin wo Aisou” just recently. I must say it was soo cute!! The characters are adorable and the plot was very nice. Can’t wait to read more of her works soon!

She also had her “Go no Ato de Kisu o Shite” tankoubon release from Asuka Comics last May 1 together with other title releases by Abe Miyuki, Kitabeppu Nica and Nakamura Shungiku.

And for other exciting drap releases…

Aoi Levin’s “Mata Ai ni Iku” and Jaryuu Dokuro’s “Yakozen“. Really excited about these releases since I rarely buy BL magazines (lazy to do so, actually) so what I do is just patiently wait for its tankoubon to be announced/released. Although I try my best to keep updated with some since I’m always on the look-out for new artists whose works I can actually follow – take Kojima Lalako and Junko for example. (*´▽`*)

Jaryuu Dokuro’s cover for “Yakozen“. Just beautiful. ❤

I’ve been following her Pixiv for quite some time now and I’ve always adored her art style. Reminds me so much of Ishino Aya’s style and vice versa, lol.

For CRAFT and HertZ

Release date: May 31, 2011

Minase Masara’s “Aishuu” tankoubon release. I actually dropped reading the scanlation of this and I don’t know why since I liked the plot a lot eventhough it was a bit(?) predictable. Will just continue reading it once it’s released since I deleted my downloaded scanlation files of this already. OTL

Release date: June 16, 2011

Sayoko’s “Kuchuu Hoyou“. Can someone please tell me something about this mangaka? (;w;) she’s new isn’t she? Her art is very pretty I must say.

For other CRAFT/HertZ releases…

『BLACK SUN 奴隷王 Ⅱ』   小笠原宇紀/著
SALE: 2011年06月30日
PRICE: ¥680

Continuation of Ogasawara Uki’s “Black Sun Doreiou“. As you all know my ignorance with a lot of BL mangakas, Ogasawara Uki is one of the many smut mangakas I regret not knowing earlier. I always come to Yamane Ayano for my smut needs and never considered anyone else. So yeah, I just realized I need Ogasawara Uki in my life. ( ̄□ ̄;)

『カラダめあてで悪いか』   湖水きよ/著
SALE: 2011年06月30日
PRICE: ¥650

Karada Meate de Warui ka” will be Koizumi Kiyo’s tankoubon debut. Really curious about this mangaka as well. Only got to read Kijitora’s entry about it.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ll just check up on other updates tomorrow since I still have some stuff to do at the meantime – and maybe get some sleep.

I’m currently reading Kojima Lalako’s “Kimi to Parade” and I’m seriously in awe of the characters and the plot! As expected from my dearest mangaka. (*´▽`*) it’s kind of a long read since the whole tankoubon only consists of one main story. Nonetheless, I’ll definitely be enjoying myself. I hope I can manage to make the outline of the review soon!

Owari~! ヽ(´ー`)


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