Super Comic City 20 + Kojima Lalako

So today’s the last day of the event. Too bad I wasn’t able to ask a friend (who’s supposed to go home tomorrow) to check and at least buy me Kojima Lalako’s “Kawaii Kimi no Koto da Mono” and some Gintama and Hetalia doujinshis. (T▽T)

(SuperComi event page)

For those who went yesterday, and today, I envy you people! (;A;) I hope you guys had a great time!  I saw a few blogs taking orders for those who want to purchase a comic but can’t go to the said event. I wish I was able to order earlier! AAH.

Anyway! Kojima Lalako and her doujinshi circle participated in the event!

I really, really wanted to see her. (;~;) According to what she posted on her blog, her doujinshi got sold out so fast so she immediately posted a couple of snippets for those who weren’t able to get a copy. Why is she so sweet. (;A;)

So the doujnshi mainly consists extras of “Kimi to Parade“, “Iya yo Yamete yo” and a little “Neko no Yomeiri“. The rest of the contents includes various genres like the Magi and – OMG YUKIO AND RIN. OTL

HUU. I NEED TO BUY THIS YOU GUYSSSS. </3 But yeah, I think I’ll just wait for it to be available to the public and just ask a relative to get it for me. (;A;)

(Source: Kojima Lalako’s blog)


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