Kumota Haruko + Achi Harufumi + Hanamori Mito.

So I checked Libre’s page the other day and found myself screaming and jumping around my work room for a few minutes. OTL


/flails wildly. I just read this manga recently and fell deeply in love with the characters and the plot – and this announcement was surely just in time. ❤

On another note, I’m beginning to like this new mangaka – Achi Harufumi. She’ll be having her first tankoubon release through Canna this late May together with Hanamori Mito. They’re both new and I really must say I’m already loving their art styles! (*´▽`*)

(Source: Chill-Chill)

And I end this post with a Ao no Exorcist fanart by Achi Harufumi, because I’m also so obsessed with this series right now…

P.S. I already added their websites on my sidebar so if you want to see more of their illustrations, you know where to find them. 😀

P.P.S. Edited Achiha Rufumi to “Achi Harufumi”. My bad on spelling error. OTL


One thought on “Kumota Haruko + Achi Harufumi + Hanamori Mito.

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