Reviews: 君とパレード~Kimi to Parade~ (カンナコミックス Canna Comics)

Finally got to work on the review. Been busy for the past couple of days because I’ve been organizing some stuff – and also, I have succumbed to the Tiger and Bunny fandom, lol.

So anyway, “Kimi to Parade” is Kojima Lalako’s third tankoubon release and her first through Canna. The tankoubon only consists of one main story and an extra chapter (which was the very nngggggghhh chapter).

For those who have been reading my blog for the past few months, I think all of you know how much I love Kojima Lalako. This is a vague warning telling everyone that my impressions on this manga will sound biased, lol. But seriously, every manga Kojima Lalako creates, it’s just insanely cute and you won’t be able to think of any flaws about it. Or is it just really me since I adore this woman so much? (;A;)

But IMHO, this is one of her best mangas yet. I wasn’t really that satisfied with some of her stories – and when I say “some” it’s really a few since most of her works are just so precious to me and Kojima Lalako is like, goddess of all moe, lol.

So anyway, onto the review!

First page. This lovely colored illustration was used as the cover for the volume 3 of Canna as well.

Akahoshi Tomohisa  is a high school student who appears timid and expressionless all the time. But aside of him being a poker face, he’s actually quite a cheerful boy and is very determined with his studies. His looks and attitude are kind of similar to Yukiharu from Neko no Yomeri. The way he expresses himself, too. Haha (*´▽`*)

He’s absolutely gay and has a jerk lover named Sera who then, by faith, introduced Akahoshi to his future (and commited) partner in the story- Kikuchi Hideo. Although Akahoshi’s not openly gay, he doesn’t really deny being one – even though no one really asked him but he told it straight to Kikuchi in one of their conversations. Also, a lot of his girls (even some teachers) in school like him because of his calm appearance and academic status.

Anyway, Kikuchi Hideo is college student who works part-time as a high school teacher – and Akahoshi’s tutor. At the start of the story, he received a message from his girlfriend telling him that she’s breaking up with him. But Kikuchi, being the type who’s very kind and always Mr. Brightside, just took the goodbye message lightly. Of course he felt bad about it but he just thought to himself that he has a lot of things to do – which is well, work. He’s the “come what may” type, lol.

Now as a said above, Kikuchi met Akahoshi because his college friend, Sera. But during that time, Kikuchi and Akahoshi already knew each other since Kikuchi is Akahoshi’s teacher obviously. It was a very awkward moment because to Kikuchi, Akahoshi’s the “leave-me-alone” type. Double shocking since he never would have knew that Akahoshi’s gay – and to add to that, he’s dating his friend. OTL

So back to current time, Akahoshi went to Kikuchi to ask about Sera’s whereabouts since it’s been days since they haven’t had any contact with each other. Akahoshi then suddenly asked Kikuchi if he has a girlfriend and when Kikuchi told him he DID have, Akahoshi vaguely asked him to be his tutor – which gave another meaning to Kikuchi, lol.

Days passed, Akahoshi has been tutored by Kikuchi ever since that day. That is when Kikuchi realized how much Akahoshi likes – or loves Sera since he talks about him everytime. Unfortunately, up until now Akahoshi told him that he still didn’t receive any mails or calls from Sera yet. Kikuchi’s phone suddenly rang and told Akahoshi to take the call because it’s Sera. Akahoshi hesitantly took the offer but as soon as he was already talking to Sera,  Kikuchi noticed how much Akahoshi’s expressionless face immediately turned so cheerful-looking. (;w;)

The next day, Sera went to Kikuchi in class and complained to him why he gave the phone to Akahoshi yesterday. Turns out Sera was hiding from Akahoshi the whole time because he got tired of Akahoshi (his exact term was “fed-out”) and he just recently realized that it was really impossible for them to keep on with their relationship. He just started going out with Akahoshi because of his cute looks and at the same time, he was curious. So basically, he was just toying with Akahoshi – and Kikuchi realized that.

Ah, Sera you jerk. I honestly liked you during your first appearance because you looked like Dorasuke… and that cheerful cute attitude of yours. (* ̄m ̄)

A little while later, Kikuchi met Akahoshi outside the university. He asked what was Akahoshi doing there and Akahoshi told him that he was just visiting. Alarmed about Sera’s statements earlier, Kikuchi had a feeling this won’t turn out good. And unfortunately it really didn’t since Sera came into the scene cheerfully dragging his new toy – I mean girlfriend to show off to Kikuchi again. Then a very dramatic and awkward moment scene came along and Kikuchi was the one who broke the tension by excusing himself with Akahoshi.

Meanwhile, Akahoshi and Kikuchi went to some nearby vending machine and had a short talk. Surprised with the incident, Akahoshi still tried to think positively of it by telling Kikuchi that at least Sera still called him “Chisa” (Sera’s pet name for him) during those last hard moments. </3

Although, what seemed so painful to him is that Sera’s dating a real girl. So that’s like, double jeopardy, lol. I mean, Sera cheated on him and he cheated on him with a REAL GIRL which means he wasn’t totally accepted by Sera as a guy – or for who he really is right from the beginning. Because of too much pain and crying, he collapsed so Kikuchi brought him to his house. You can already gradually see Kikuchi being attracted to Akahoshi at this point – and this is when the real story starts.

So the next day, Kikuchi met Sera at school and Sera was again complaining – actually worried – about Akahoshi’s reactions yesterday. Then later on he tells Kikuchi that Akahoshi’s being taken care of already by Kikuchi so he doesn’t have to worry.  Then suddenly asks him if he thinks Akahoshi’s pretty, lol. Kikuchi’s reaction was so adorable. (;w;)

Akahoshi’s been absent for a few days and Kikuchi thinks that maybe it’s because Akahoshi have already noticed his feelings for him. For the past few days during Akahoshi’s absence, Kikuchi’s been thinking non-stop about his feelings for Akahoshi and was beginning to think if he was good enough for him.

The following day, Kikuchi heard from his fellow teacher that Akahoshi came for today’s exam. After classes, Akahoshi came to Kikuchi telling him that his job being his tutor might be done but he asked if Kikuchi can still support him – well of course the answer was yes, lol. A little while later while Kikuchi was checking Akahoshi’s exam paper, he noticed that Akahoshi had a perfect mark in the whole exam – which was very unbelievable. He rushed to find Akahoshi easily found him in one of the classrooms. He asked Akahoshi about what rank he was going for but Akahoshi said he wasn’t really sure what rank he wants to be in so he just studied to his heart’s content. ( ̄□ ̄;)

Kikuchi  told him that he had a perfect score and that it was his first time ever to see such high score. Akahoshi was also dumbfounded since this is the first time he’s ever scored in a test like that. Akahoshi then told Kikuchi  that if it weren’t for him, it will be impossible. Especially because Kikuchi helped him get through his heartbreak about Sera. Kikuchi who was greatly overwhelmed with Akahoshi’s words also said thanks and then kissed Akahoshi at the heat of the moment.

Akahoshi thought Kikuchi was just joking so he told him that if it’s a joke, he doesn’t want it. But then Kikuchi asked him what if it’s not a joke, will he accept it? So of course before Akahoshi can say something, Kikuchi kissed him again.

After a few minutes, Kikuchi apologized to Akahoshi for doing that so sudden and according to him, he just got excited. Akahoshi took it the wrong way but as soon as Kikuchi was about to explain, a caretaker told them that it was already cleaning time so they just continued their talk outside.

Kikuchi tried to explain to Akahoshi that he couldn’t restrain himself because Akahoshi looked so cute that time. Akahoshi got offended and asked him what does him being cute have to do with anything and added that maybe Kikuchi did that out of sympathy about his relationship with Sera. Kikuchi told him it wasn’t anything like that and finally confessed to him that he’s extremely in love with him. Akahoshi then asked if he was bisexual, lol. Kikuchi answered he doesn’t know but he surely wants to sleep with him. ❤

After that, Akahoshi had to leave already since he might miss the train, but after a few minutes, he went back and called out to Kikuchi and eventually confessed to him as well saying something so cheesy and awkward like “Please Cherish me” /OMG AKAHOSHI Y U SO CUTE *A*

Akahoshi’s confession broguht pain to my face because of intense grinning. The way he told Kikuchi that he can have him made me squeal and flail continuously, lol.

Okay so after that most adorable confession, they started dating eventually. The timing of their confession was just so perfect – I mean, it wasn’t too fast and it wasn’t too slow.

Just a few days prior to the day of their confessions, Kikuchi already learned a lot about Akahoshi – since there was nothing really exciting about his life since he was often alone. Meanwhile, they went to the beach and played around for a while – and when I say play I mean with some jellyfish and starfish – not play play. Whut

The real “play” was when they got back home. They were trying to practice calling each other by their first name since Akahoshi didn’t want Kikuchi to keep on calling him by his last name, lol. But Akahoshi fails so much in calling Kikuchi’s first name “Hideo” since he’s really used to “Kikuchi-sensei”. Since Akahoshi did something cute again, here comes Kikuchi’s uncontrollable sex drive. orz;;

I really love it when the seme goes all kinky and asking permission to the uke if he they can have sex. And the uke will go all moe and tell him it’s alright. Ah, the satisfaction you’ll feel when you’re reading BL, lol. Unfortunately, the sex scenes were not really shown. Now that I’ve come to think of, it seems Kojima Lalako rarely makes smut. She’s just really into fuwa fuwa scenes – which is so adorable. Akahoshi got a fever after that, lol. It seems it was his first time, lol.

The next day, Akahoshi told Kikuchi that he’ll be going to take up his further studies in Kyoto for 6 years. So of course that means they’ll be in a long distance relationship which is quite difficult for most couples.

Years passed and they never lost contact with each other. I love it how you can really see the effort they did for each other in order to not weaken their relationship! /(;A;)\

It’s been 6 years now and it was just like any other day for the both of them. Akahoshi busy with his studies and Kikuchi busy with work – nothing out of the ordinary. Kikuchi went home late, and as usual he was on the phone with Akahoshi who’s been updating him on his current situation in school. Then after a few hours, he heard the doorbell ring. Of course – it was Akahoshi. But Akahoshi’s the last person he expected to see at that time because it was so late and if it was Akahoshi, it’ll be impossible because of the travel time (since he was just talking to him earlier). Kikuchi wasn’t able to speak because he was so shocked when he saw Akahoshi by the door.

Obviously, Akahoshi kept his arrival as a secret from Kikuchi. Turns out he rode a 30-minute train from Kyoto to Tokyo. (ーー;)

The next few scenes is one of the most beautiful scenes in this manga. Although Akahoshi was busy with his pediatrics work in Kyoto, he still chose to come back to Kikuchi and eventually told him that he decided to live with him. Kikuchi’s expression was just so priceless. I mean, he didn’t say anything since he was in great shock then Akahoshi tells him that very touching decision of his. So Kikuchi cried of extreme happiness, lol.  /HUUU THIS WAS JUST SO WONDERFUL YOU GUYS. (T▽T)

I really wish I can share all of the scans to everyone since I feel lonely not being able to fangirl with anyone. OTL

The extra chapter was just so… NNNGGGHHH.

Anyway, so in the extra chapter, you will now see how Akahoshi looks like as pediatrician – and omg he’s so cute!!! (*´▽`*)

Yes, such a pretty face. Ugh. I swear gross thoughts came into my mind when I saw him like this. Uuhh. OTL

So his job was doing well. Kids love him – well they should, since seeing a doctor this adorable is just insane. Now here comes a senpai who asked Akahoshi to go with him to some drinking party with a couple of OLs. Akahoshi declined since he wanted to go home early to see Kikuchi (awww) but later agreed on going with his senpai because he was told that he can just stay there for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, Kikuchi’s thinking of bringing some cake home so that when Akahoshi arrive tired from work, he’ll be glad to see some yummy treats, lol. But Kikuchi thought of Akahoshi’s possible reactions when he gets home and it’s either Akahoshi will appreciate the cake he bought or refuse to eat it because he’s too tired from work. So Kikuchi just decided not to buy it, lol.

So after a while, Akahoshi finally arrived home – and was extremely drunk. Now this scene really shocked me since I can really feel Akahoshi’s going to do something naughty. I seriously went “OMFG HE WOULDN’T—” but he did. So Kikuchi enjoyed a very satisfying, and extremely unexpected blow job from a drunk Akahoshi. Kikuchi came so fast, though. And when he came into Akahoshi’s mouth, Akahoshi suddenly collapsed – well, because he was tired. So naughty Kikuchi took advantage of him for the whole night resulting to Akahoshi waking up the next morning having numerous hickies on his neck (only?). OTL

Honestly you guys, I really loved this manga. Since I’ve read almost all of Kojima Lalako’s works, I can now say that I really find this one her best yet. Although, I’m currently reading some new titles by her in some magazines and they’re quite adorable as well but since those are only starting, I still can’t say anything more about it but my usual and overused description of Kojima Lalako’s works which are “cute” and “adorable”.

I really think Kikuchi and Akahoshi will be my all-time favorite pair in all of Kojima Lalako’s works. They’re such a beautiful couple and I love it how their relationship developed all throughout the whole story. The part when they tried their best not to lose contact with each other for 6 years was just. ❤

I really, really love hetero-like stories like this one. It’s kind of long since the whole tankoubon only consists of one main story but I sweaaar it’s really worth reading! It really didn’t keep me hanging since the ending was just right. It’s really beautiful. (;w;)


Okay, finally this review’s finished, lol. Again, I’m so sorry it took so long. (;___;)

I was supposed to post this yesterday but something unexpected happened. Most of my lj friends know about this so I really thank them for making me feel better. (TwT) ❤

Anyway, I was reading Dear+ April issue a while ago (yes, I only got to read it now) and I am in love with some of the new (and old) stories in that issue! Will definitely plan on doing a late short review next time – and as always, I can’t promise when I’ll be posting it. OTL


6 thoughts on “Reviews: 君とパレード~Kimi to Parade~ (カンナコミックス Canna Comics)

  1. omg i think i nosebled from how cute this was wen i read this LOL XD

    kojima lalako is my god. this was epic ❤

    • Lolol, if you already got a nosebleed by just reading this post, imagine mine when I read the whole manga. XDD /got a severe blood loss. orz;


  2. thanks so much for such a long review. i cant read japanese or chinese so i cant understand what is going on between those two.i am really happy about this thanks so much.

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