Because I really think Arii Memeko’s adorable.

For me, cute covers are srs bznz, lol. And Arii Memeko’s cover for “Hanpa na KOI Nara Yame ni Shiro!” is just that.

I actually saw this 2 days ago but wasn’t able to make an entry about it earlier. ;w;

Just like her “Hitorijime Boyfriend“, this new cover of hers is just as cute! (*´▽`*)

I haven’t been really keeping track of her works but all I know is that she mostly works for S-lash2 (her ‘Apron Series’ mobile comics) and her debut tankoubon (Hitorijime Boyfriend) which was released through Gateau comics last late November 2010. As for doujinshis, she had a couple of works from popular series such as Persona (mostly P3 and Trinity Soul), Starry Sky and Code Gayass– I mean GEASS, sorry. (/□\;) Her art style is very adorable and I really love her choice of colors! ( ´∀`)

Anyway, “Hanpa na KOI Nara Yame ni Shiro” will be released this 27th of May. For those who already pre-ordered this, I envy you guys so much! (T▽T)

I hope Amazon posts a bigger version of the cover soon. ;u;


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