Covers + Mujihi na Otoko BLCD release.

This will be the types of entries I’ll be posting for the meantime until my orders get finally settled. m(_ _)m

So as usual I was looking through some new stuff in Chill-Chill earlier and a particular cover suddenly caught my eye…

(Image Source: Brite)

Yanagisawa Yukio‘s “Kami to Pen“. As I alwaaaaays say, I’m a sucker for cute and pretty illustrations/covers. I haven’t heard of her before since I rarely buy BL anthologies and turns out she mostly worked for onBLUE.

This lovely thing will be released on May 27th. I hope the story doesn’t disappoint me. /;w;\

Her blog can be found here. Her art style is just so adorableeeee.

(Image Source: Brite)

Tsutomu‘s “Punch Drunker“. Just like Yanagisawa Yukio, I haven’t heard of Tsutomu before. Although, the cover looks pretty interesting.

(Image Source: Brite)

Isaka Juugorou‘s “Sore demo Kimi wa Warau to Itta“. The only works I know by Isaka Juugorou are “Erotic Egoist” and “Uchi no Ko ni Narinasai“. But I do know observed her works through Chill-Chill and she gets a couple of good reviews and her covers are usually lovely or cute. *u*

I’m going to Singapore next month so I hope to just see these in Kinokuniya. /o/


Anyway, so the other day, my cellphone reminded me about Sakuraga Mei’s “Mujihi na Otoko” BLCD release. Theeeen. A friend suddenly got into Sakuraga Mei’s Waruiko series which ALSO reminded me of the BLCD release. Then finally yesterday, another good friend commented on this previous entry of mine and reminded me again of the BLCD release, lol. Everyone seems to be reminding me of how much I can’t get over this news before – and I still can’t get over it now actually.


So anyway, intense fangirling aside, the BLCD will be released this 25th of may. To those who will buy this precious BLCD, don’t come to my blog and tell me you have pre-ordered it already, mmkay? ;n; loljk. /kicked

Well, that’s it for today.

For my current orders, I think I’ll just wait until Est Em’s “Equus” gets back in stock before placing my orders. OTL


7 thoughts on “Covers + Mujihi na Otoko BLCD release.

  1. Heehee. Am I that “good friend.” ^^

    You totally have me all psyched now, with this squealage of Yusa Koji. I don’t think I know him! And I am reeeeeaaally excited about how Nanao’s voice gets personified. 😀

    • Heee. Yes. *3*

      I KNOW RIGHT!? /;A;\ I also got hysterical when I knew about it. Hahahaha!
      Sadly I can’t buy the CD because it’s not part of my budget. orz;

      • Have you listened to it yet? I very much liked it! The voices are sooooo good! They cut down the sex scenes though. :S

      • Yup, I actually mentioned a tiny part of it here *u*
        and yeah they cut a couple of sex scenes ;~~~; but I wasn’t expecting a certain act from them somewhere near the ending! *w*

  2. You’re going to Singapore? Awesome I live there xD

    Anyways the Kino here doesnt really sell a lot of BL manga or at least what i always see whenever I go there are old titles that arent updated properly.

    • Coool. *u* I’ve always loved Singaporean living. XD

      That’s what I heard. ;u; but no worries since I mostly get previous titles because I’m trying to keep up with some mangakas. ;;;
      But I heard from a friend that they sell a few new titles as well. I’ll go check once I get there. *w*

      Thanks so much for visiting my blog! 🙂

  3. Ok, so my friend mentioned them adding an extra yummy scene as well. But I don’t know which scene you two are talking about. O.o I feel like I am missing out on something very important. Ahem.

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