BL Update – finally.

I’m so sorry for the long absence! I got busy with driving school and enlisting matters at my university. I was actually thinking of updating last week since I was all hyped up about Kojima Lalako’s recent blog entries.

➜ First of all, she made a tumblr account. Although, she removed her post about it after a few days (or was it the following day?). I don’t really know what’s her reason for removing that post but she didn’t delete her account – she’s still posting some yummy doujinshi teasers and fanarts there, lol.

➜ For those who wanted to buy her “Kawaii Kimi no Koto da Mono” doujinshi at the Super Comic City 20 held early this month in Japan, you can finally buy here it at ComiComi Studio. \*u*/

➜ For magazine/anthology news, she’s in the newest issue of Chara Selection and Moca! I swear the stories seem so interesting (I promise this is not me being biased! ;u;). So as I always say in my blog, I rarely read stories serialized in magazines. I only buy magazines/anthologies whenever I see a mangaka I know and if something seems new and interesting. ;;;

Gateau’s Vol.3 cover by Ogura Muku – IT IS SOOOOO  BEAUTIFUL. /;A;\ and what’s more is that, from what I read on Chill-Chill, Arii Memeko’s “Hitorijime Boyfriend” has been continued! Not really sure about the story though since I haven’t read it yet. sob

I’m pretty sure a lot of Arii Memeko fans are very much hyped up about this said continuation; so if you were able to read the first story and loved it, better grab your copy of Gateau Vol.3 noww. *q*

➜ For scanlation releases, I totally flipped when a friend told me Achi Harufumi’s adorable “Home Sick Baby” finally got scanlated – click! *u* I rarely check my Baka-Updates lately since I rarely read scanlated mangas nowadays. /has succumbed to tankoubons and yahoo comics ones.

➜ For BLCD news, thanks to a very good friend, I was finally able to listen to Sakuraga Mei’s “Mujihi na Otoko“!!! \*w*/ As expected, it was wonderful. At first, I was not really satisfied since they cut a certain part from the manga, then just after a few minutes, I squealed so much since they added something more hnnnnggg-worthy – which also ended up with me flailing even after I finished listening to it, lol. Will do a separate review next time.

COVERS. Yes, covers again my dear readers, lol. *u* First off, we have Kashio’s “Hato no Totoroji“. I’m not sure if I have mentioned her here already before but I must say I find her art cute! Try also checking her “Switch ON!

For magazines/anthologies, we have Cheri+ Vol. 2 – NATSUME ISAKU!!! \*A*/ also, b-Boy posted their cover for b-Boy(10) already – click! Lastly, HertZ band.44. HertZ actually posted that on their site a few days ago but since I couldn’t update, I wasn’t able to blog about it. orz

That’s it for now. I’m sorry I won’t be reviewing anything for a while since I still can’t order online and my latest orders will be on late June. ;;;

But I’ll be going to Singapore next month (a few days after my birthday, which is on June 4) and I’m sure I’ll be raiding Kinokuniya, lol. Might just buy Est Em’s lovely “Equus” and some other new/old titles there, too. Huuu fast forward to SG trip, please. orz


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