Some of today’s BL releases + covers

  ◆ Ootsuki Miu – “Play Zone ~Nikushoku Kareshi to Kaikan Tenshi~” (ジュネット~JUNET~)

価 格: ¥680
発売日: 2011/05/31

Huuuuu. This looks gorgeous omg. /;w;\ unfortunately, I still can’t get my other Ootsuki Miu orders at the meantime so I’ll be putting this on hold.

You can also buy it here: bk1 | HMV

  ◆ Wada Mayuko – “Kedamono Hatsujoki!!” (ジュネット~JUNET~)

価 格: ¥680
発売日: 2011/05/31

You can also buy it here: bk1 | HMV



  ◆ Ooe Maki – “Kichiku Dokuta no Seiyoku Jikkenshitsu” (ジュネット~JUNET~)

価 格: ¥680
発売日: 2011/05/31

All these yummy releases from Junet is making me cry. ;;

You can also buy it here: bk1 | HMV


  ◆ Aida Saki (Author) Yoneda Kou (Artist) – “Koyoi, Tenshi to Hai wo” (SHY Novels)

価 格: ¥903
発売日: 2011/05/31

The cover was actually posted days ago but. Again, I wasn’t able to update due to certain things. ;;;; I don’t usually buy novels but the cover is just beautiful – well, it IS Yoneda Kou, lol.

You can also buy it here: bk1 | HMV

And for some new posted covers…

  ◆ Momoka – “Haru no Yuki” (CITRON Comics)

価 格: ¥670
発売日: 2011/06/01

I haven’t heard of her before since I don’t usually read serialized mangas. ;;; The cover is very cute and the story seems interesting! So I might get a copy during from Kino during my SG trip.


  ◆ Miyoshi Ayato – “Yuuhi ni Fureru Sono Mae ni” (BBC)

価 格: ¥620
発売日: 2011/06/10

I really, really want this right now. ;~; I saw her Hetalia doujins and my goodness, her illustrations are very pretty! I really regret not buying magazines/antholgies that much because I keep missing these amazing artists. </3


  ◆ Kusama Sakae – “Ousama no Bed” (BBC)

価 格: ¥620
発売日: 2011/06/10

So I might pre-order this since I’m very bitter whenever a certain friend of mine tells me how awesome her stories are (she usually gets the scanlated ones ;~~;) so I decided I’ll finally get my hands on this new tankoubon of hers and just buy her previous ones next time. ;;;;


That’s it for today. You guys have a good ordering now. ;u; /jealous

Oh before I forget, I heard from a friend that Nakamura Asumiko’s Doukyusei fanbook release was pushed on the 22nd of July!? D: asjdfjhfkaka and we were all so excited for ittt. ;~~; I haven’t read much about that news yet, though. But still, it’s upsetting.


4 thoughts on “Some of today’s BL releases + covers

  1. Hello,

    I love your blog.:)
    You’re really a fujoshi.XD

    By the way, I have a website for foreign otaku, I’m looking for Links Exchange.
    So can we do a linkexchange with your blog?

    Please send me a mail if you have a chance!

    Thank you.

    • Hi! Thanks for loving my blog! 🙂
      Oh that sounds great! :O but unfortunately as much as I want to have a links exchange with your new site, I only link back to those I’m familiar with. TuT
      But I’ll make sure to check your site often and check on your customer’s feedbacks! 🙂

      Thank you again for visiting my blog! 😀

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