Semi-hiatus + a couple of new covers

Hello everyone! First off, I really want to thank you all for viewing my blog. I’ve been receiving a couple of sweet messages lately and I’m so happy to know that a lot of you are enjoying my posts! I just started this blog earlier this year and to already receive such compliments is just so overwhelming. /;w;\

So, as to what my title says, I’ll be on semi-hiatus from today onwards since summer vacation has ended already and classes will start soon as well. But of course, I’ll try to update as much as I can during my free days. Also, I’ll be going to Singapore this Thursday (PHT) and I seriously can’t wait to purchase a couple of BL titles and artbooks at their Kinokuniya branches! *A* /so excited

For some brief BL update, a LOT of new covers have been posted recently! \*u*/

(Please click on the covers to view the source)

There are still a lot of them but this is all I can share for now. orz;;

Until the next update~!


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