Back from Singapore~!

Just got home from our short trip to Singapore yesterday! *u*

Too bad we only stayed for 3 days. Actually, it didn’t seem like 3 days since when we arrived at Singapore, it was already in the afternoon. ;~~; but when we got to the hotel, we left immediately for Takashimaya since I’ve been dying to go there eversince some of my friends told me how much I would love it there, lol. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stay at Takashimaya that long because my aunt wanted to buy some clothes so of course she dragged me with her. orz;;

So anyway, our first stop at Takashimaya was Kinokuniya. Actually, my main reason for our trip was to just hunt for BL tankoubons and artbooks, lol. And of course, to look at some other manga selections. A few Singaporean and non-Singaporean friends told me the Kinokuniya branch at Takashimaya doesn’t really sell BL titles so I just went there to look for a Kazuaki artbook I’ve been dying to buy for a very long time now, and some books for my friend.

I was so lucky to get that Kazuaki artbook since it was the only one left! *A* I nearly screamed when I found it because I wasn’t expecting it to be THAT BIG. I was supposed to buy some Starry Sky ones as well but I decided to just ask someone to buy it for me next time since I was on a tight budget and my money was only for my BL tankoubons. ;~~;

For my BL tankoubon purchases, a good friend (hello, Cindi-saaaaan XD) told me where to get them at a certain Kinokuniya branch which was at Liang Court. As to what she told me, there weren’t really a lot – just a shelf of them. To be honest, it really wasn’t enough but I spent like an hour or so browsing all of them again and again until I finally decided what to buy. ;;;

Funny thing was, I remember Cindi mentioning a certain girl who wears glasses. I don’t know if it was really her counter was near the BL section so I think it really is her. ;;; she asked me if I need a basket for my tankoubons and told me some of the employees might ask for my ID. She was very nice but at the same time, there’s this scary “don’t-mess-with-me” aura in her. ;v;

When I got to the counter, they didn’t ask for my ID – only a membership card which I wish I had. OTL

Of course other than those purchases, I also bought a couple of other stuff. But since it’s not fandom-related I can’t share them here, lol.

I will definitely go back to Singapore! *_* 3 days was so freaking  short I didn’t even have the time to try out all of their local markets – ESPECIALLY THEIR FOOD. ;~~~;

Anyway, that’s it for now. I actually regret not buying a lot of tankoubons since I was worried we might pay for over baggage fees. ;n; shipping isn’t a good idea as well since we’ll pay a lot for the customs charges. ;;;

Until my next purchase post! 8D


17 thoughts on “Back from Singapore~!

    • Tbh, it’s not enough! ;n; but since I was on a tight budget, and thought that I really can’t read a lot all at once, I settled for these atm. ;u;
      I actually saved a lot on these compared to how much I pay for the customs! ;v;

  1. OMG so many mangas xD I hope your trip was enjoyable. The Kino in Takashimaya is very big and i am too lazy to search for BL so thx for the fact that they dont sell so much bl stuff. Liang Court is where I always go to get BL but of course its not so updated, the best few mangas I ever found there was Crimson Spell by Yamane ayano and some others by Takanaga Hinako. (I have no money for fan/artbooks T_T) I know another place that sells english published BL though I’m not sure if you’re interested…

    • I really enjoyed a lot! *u* and yeah, when I went to the Kino branch at Takashimaya, I was like “omg, where to go, where to go!?” XD their comics section was at the far end but it was really worth finding it for my first time because IT WAS HUUUGEEE and I enjoyed looking at all of the mangas! :’D I was surprised they also sell a lot of licensed English ones, though! O.O
      I looooved their branch @ Liang Court. Although yeah their selection’s quite small. ;~~; and I noticed they only sell it per copy? I was really expecting Est Em’s “Equus” when I went there ;~~;
      I’m not much into English ones but I have a few titles on my list that I consider a must-buy! ;v; may I know the place? *u* thanks in advance! ;u;

      • The shop is called Absolute Comics. Its beside the Kinokuniya in Bugis Junction. They sell titles under DMC- June, Blu, etc. The bad thing is that they cost more than the original…like one manga can cost $20+. May I ask what titles are u considering to buy? :3 I could tell you if they sell it since I’ve browsed most of the titles there.

      • $20!? Omg that’s pretty pricey. DD:
        I only have a few english titles in mind, though: Butterfly of the Distant Day, Little Butterfly, The Object of My Affection, Private Teacher, Seven Days (believe it or not I haven’t read this yet… ;n;) and Sugar Milk… *u*
        I’m considering of just ordering them online, though ;v;

        It would be soooo awesome if you can share to me what you read! *u*

    • Omgosh so many! *A* unlike you, my MAL’s already dead. ;n; I just keep track of my manga on Baka-Updates ;;;;

      Before, I only liked reading those hardcore and pointless stories but lately, I’ve really succumbed to fuwa fuwa ones – but they have to be hardcore as well, but not pointless! ;u;
      UGGGHHH. I swear I really hate myself for not being able to read it before!!! I’m missing a LOT. </3

      • A lot neh? But now I don’t have many new titles to read since I can only read English ones ><" I want to read some of the new titles you have on your blog but my Japanese isn't really good.

        I'm fine with any BL with a nice plot and nice "scenes" :3 I started liking BL because of the Fuwa fuwa xD

  2. hey! Kino was heaven for me when i went there. spend lots of money on JE stuffs although I can’t read japanese. -.- didn’t check the BL mangas since i’m with family and they don’t really know that i’m a fujoshi. are the mangas sold there in english?

    • Hiii! *u* Yeah I saw loads of boy band magazines and was supposed to buy some for Miru, haha! But I realized she might have all the latest scans on her hard drive already, lol.
      I haven’t really checked if they sell BL mangas at the Kino Takashimaya branch but a lot of Singaporean friends told me they don’t so I ended up just buying at Liang Court where they sell a couple of good titles! *u*
      I don’t really buy english ones so I wasn’t able to check for those when I got to Kino. ;n;

  3. Hey, if you have the chance to visit Singapore again, you might want to drop by Bookmart, a second hand Japanese book store at The Central (Clarke Quay). I know that you probably only hunt BL titles, but if you want to try josei/seinen/shoujo/shounen genres, they have some interesting titles, and the price is lower than Kinokuniya. It’s second hand but generally the book still looks pretty good. I found Natsume Ono’s La Quinta Camera there. Want to grab Soil and House of Five Leaves and some Yoshinaga Fumi’s works, but my wallet would not let me. =.=

    • Ooh that sounds awesome. *A* I hope they also sell previous KHR volumes. ;u; will definitely drop by that place when I go visit SG again. ❤
      Question, is it near Liang Court? ;;;
      And omg you saw some Natsume Ono and Yoshinaga Fumi there?? *A* a-any other more BL mangakas?? ;u;
      Kinokuniya makes my wallet cry all the time ;~~; so thanks for sharing this exciting shop to me! ;A;

      • Yes, it’s near Liang Court. The Central is linked to Clarke Quay MRT station, so it’s quite easy to find.
        Yeah, I saw Yoshinaga Fumi’s Kinou Nani Tabeta there. But I think their BL selections are very few. The ones that I bought (Natsume Ono’s) were not BL. I still like them the same, though. Her art is nice.

        Btw, I recommend リンゴに蜂蜜 ( if you like light and sweet BL stories. The art is also neat.

      • Okay got it. *u* thank you! ;u;
        Aah, yes I know that one by Hide Yoshiko. 8) Although, I haven’t read it yet. D: Is it nice? Her art is gorgeouuss. ❤

  4. You’re welcome.!
    I like your blog. You’re an all out fujoshi, hahahah…I am more of the closeted one.

    Ringo ni Hachimitsu is like a light snack. And the stories all happen in summer. So you get that sweet sunny feeling when you read it. It makes me misses good beaches. Ah, how I really want to go to Boracay!

    • Lol, why did my smiley look like that. ;;;
      Aww thanks! Don’t worry, it’s better to hide it if you’re not comfortable with telling people about your hobby! ;u;
      Sometimes I also feel of just secluding myself from the world because I worry that people might think I’m a freak for liking gay porn. ;;;
      Just come to me if you need someone to talk with about BL! *u* /sappy/kicked ;;

      Okay, I’ll go buy that one once my wallet allows me. Haha!
      Ugh, I haven’t gone to Boracay myself! ;n; but since a LOT of my friends loved it there, I really think you should give it a try! *u*

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