Today’s haul.

Kobato Mebaru, Psyche Delico, Est Em and Ogura Muku. ❤

As to what I shared on my Tumblr, I’ve been longing to get these titles for a very long time now especially Psyche Delico’s “Junai Ero Ki”. But what I was most excited about is Est Em’s “Equus”. Lol, I’ve been telling a certain open-minded friend about it and she was like, “Omg Hachi. First, gay sex. Now centaur sex. What’s next? Merman sex?”… is there really? orz;

AAAH I FINALLY HAVE ITTT. Seriously, just look at this beauty! *A* I really, really love the cover. The overall quality was so much better than what I expected. The cover is made with some kind of special paper and the gold engravings made it look more gorgeous.

I was browsing through it already earlier and I really can’t wait to read it already! I love it how Est Em’s characters and stories are so unique and interesting. Gah, Psyche Delico. I’ve been trying to get my hands on this ever since February but it always gets out of stock so fast. ;;;

When I first found out about her works while browsing through some yankee-themed stories, I stumbled upon her “Kizudarake no Airabuyuu” and eventually ended up obsessing over “Junai Eroki” more. Although, I really think I would also love

Kizadarake since it’s incest, lol.

I’ve been lurking around her website for quite some time and I must say I really adore her style so much.

I crossed out some mangas just so I can read this before our school projects start to pile up. I’ve been so curious about Ogura Muku’s work for a long time now and I’m so excited to read this lovely story of hers. *u*

The thing I really love about Ogura Muku’s art is that her style looks so mature but when she tries to make it cute, it doesn’t look awkward or anything. Her style is like a mature version of Kumota Haruko – well, for me.

Aah. One of my all-time favorite mangakas – Kobato Mebaru. I’ve actually read the scanlated version of this already before but since I loved it so much, I thought of buying the tankoubon as well.

I actually made a review about this already here. It feels a lot better if you own the actual manga since that’s the best way of showing the mangaka how much you love his/her work. ;u; /sentimental freak/kicked ;;; but it’s true! lol

Baby Baby Baby!!! /;w;\ I’m actually torn between reading this or Junai Eroki. </3

When I saw the first page illustration, I was all “HNNNGGGHH WHY IS THIS SO CUTE OMG. I LOVE YOU KOBATO-SENSEI ;A;” Her girly ukes are just. ❤

Anyway, I’m still expecting a few more tankoubons to arrive this month. Good thing I’m almost done reading half of my new tankoubons from my SG trip. I’m not planning to read some of the second half just yet since I’m thinking of reading Equus then Castle Mango after I finish Ootsuki Miu’s “Calling” – yes, I actually started reading her works recently. ❤

I’m thinking of either making an Ootsuki Miu or a Yamada Kouta review post. /torn/ But yeah, let’s see what I can do. ;u;

Classes just started so I really apologize in advance since I won’t be updating as much as before (since I made this blog during our summer break; hence the seemingly very active posting).

That’s it for now. I need sleep~

/off to bed


11 thoughts on “Today’s haul.

  1. I tried to read Junai Ero Ki earlier today. Yea failed xD (Hopeless without furigana)

    But I understood the plot more or less. It was cute and filled with plenty of hardcore scenes x3

    • If I’m not mistaken, I think it’s been scanlated already? Or were you just trying to read the raws? XD
      And yup I agree. Sometimes I still have a hard time reading some Kanji so I always depend on my dictionary whenever there’s no furigana, lol.
      But do you always get to read raws w/ furigana? 😀

      I was just able to read the first part but since I got busy with school works, I wasn’t able to continue it. orz;;

      • Nakama only scanlated the first chapter. I wanted to read abt the main pair on the cover :3

        And as for your question…I guess that would depend on the publishing company? I buy the original japanese manga sometimes. As far as I know GUSH comics don’t really provide furigana. Hence trouble reading Koisuru Boukun lol…I always try to get mangas that have furigana.

        Yea school is going to start on monday for me…bai bai holidays =.=

  2. *drooling* that equus copy is so nice! I tried to order it through bk1, but they said it’s out of stock. They told me that they will order it from the publisher but I need to wait for probably 3 weeks~ =.= which is probably okay since I still need to finish other books too.
    Have you read it? Was it good?

    • Yes it is! *u* and it was the same for me before, I really had to wait for at least 3 weeks for it to finally be in stock on Amazon again. ;;;
      It’s the first ever work I read from Est Em and all I can say is it was beautiful and very unique. ❤ I want to read her past works, too– and maybe make a review on Equus soon. *u*

  3. Hello! * I was reading your blog *orz I just found it* and wanted to comment -sorry for my english in advance *I’m not an english speaker orz*-

    I read only scanlated mangas ( …. orz) because even though I do understand some japanese, it’s too difficult to get jap raws (almost everything is chinese). I’ve tried to search for jap raws but I have no lucky in my searching.

    Buuut, I read Junai Eroki some time ago (yes, jp raws) and would LOOOOVE to own a copy of it. Even though it was a hard reading without furigana I actually understood almost everything and really reaaally enjoyed it. Psyche Delico’s art is really enjoyable and I was surprised this manga has a balance -at least thats what I thought about it- between sex and love (geeez, I sound cheesy LOL). I wanted to read more manga and found those doujinshis of the couples of Junai Eroki. Sadly, only one was avaible to purchase )”: (aaaaah, i want this takouboun and dj’s so muuch).

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