Reviews: Calling (バーズコミックス リンクスコレクション)

Calling” is Ootsuki Miu’s sixth tankoubon release and her third through Lynx Comics (please correct me if I’m wrong). This is actually my very first time to read anything from her since some people have been asking me why don’t I mention Ootsuki Miu that much (because according to them, her stories are just my type, lol).

Obviously, a lot of people have read this already so this review will be short unlike my usual ones since I’ll only be sharing a few thoughts about this tankoubon and how Ootsuki Miu finally got to have a place in my heart. ;u;

Let me just start off with my first impressions about Ootsuki Miu. When I first saw her works online, I really thought her art was cute, and since I’m a sucker for ukes with feminine features, I didn’t hesitate to get myself a copy of her works.

I’ve also read other people’s opinions about her art style. According to them, those thick long eyelashes and feminine features kind of freak them out. ;;;

IMO, those thick long eyelashes and girly features are actually what makes Ootsuki Miu’s art style so distinctly gorgeous from the art styles of other mangakas. Her characters are all so expressive to the point you’ll just find yourself getting all teary-eyed in each scene, lol. But of course, each of us has our own opinons. Although, to be honest, I didn’t think I’ll be having a love/hate relationship with how she drew Kazuaki.

Don’t get me wrong, I really love Kazuaki. He’s actually the typical type of guy I love in BL mangas. But there’s something awkward about his looks that I can’t really explain.

For his character, I really loved it’s development. I really thought it was so adorable for him to meet Kira in such an awkward and hilarious situation, lol. Also, I really love how his feelings for Kira gradually developed despite their differences. The part in the last chapter when he dreamed of growing old with Kira really made me teary-eyed. ;u; ❤

Although my personal favorite would be Kira. I love how devoted he is with his work and at the same time, he still manages to prioritize Kazuaki. When I read about his flashback, that time when he first met Kazuaki (the tofu incident), I really thought he was so cute because his reactions were just hilarious, lol.

Other than the couple, the supporting characters were just as lovable. I really liked Kira and Natsumi’s relationship since Natsumi’s actually the type of girl I don’t mind being in BL mangas. Her attitude towards Kira and Kazuaki’s relationship is just so amusing since she supports them so much. *u*

Also, there’s Kira’s parents. Although Kira didn’t actually introduce Kazuaki properly, the fact that Kira’s father understands Kira’s decision with his life as an AV actor, it’s probably the same if ever Kira introduces Kazuaki as his lover, lol. I swear I couldn’t stop laughing at the scene when Kira told his father he became a salaryman, it was obviously a failure! Haha!

I love how Ootsuki Miu draws her sex scenes. The flustered faces of her characters are just so beautiful and the positions are very well-drawn. Yes, they’re absolutely smutty and it involves a lot of liquid – so yeah saliva and cum wonderland. Mmm juicy.

I really love Kazuaki’s face during sex since he looks soooo gorgeous. He’s the type you won’t get enough of in bed, lol. Kira on the other hand, I just like it how he dominates Kazuaki since according to him, he knows how to look for someone’s good spots. And the way how Kazuaki reacts to it every time (especially during his first time), it really makes everything so perfectly sexy.

I must say Ootsuki Miu is now one of my favorites when it comes to good sex scenes. She really knows what positions to draw and what matching expressions her characters will make.

What made me really love the story is that Ootsuki Miu really makes a unique plot and her characters are just so original. Although, I still need to read more of her works until I can finally say my thoughts about her plots.

Anyway, overall the story was nice. Not really something I would recommend but it’s really an enjoyable read. It’s a very feel-good fluff and alongside it is the very sexy smutty scenes everyone will love. So if you’re into fluff/smut stories, you’ll like this very much. If you’re not a fan of the art, just focus on the story! 😀

For those who haven’t read this, you can either buy the original one from Lynx or the licensed English version from Blu in your usual online manga shops. If you want to read/download it online, you always have google, lol. But I do insist everyone to buy the manga itself! ;u;

Anyway, that’s it for now. To be honest, I really don’t know how I’m supposed to review this since most of you have read this story already and making a long review of it would be pointless; hence this very short review. orz


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