Some June-July releases.

Haven’t visited BL sites for the past few weeks already because I got too busy with other stuff ever since school came. OTL

Anyway, there are a LOT of interesting releases for June and July so just read on. /o/

➜ First off,  Baby vol.17. As everyone can see, I don’t really review anthologies. Although, I do get to read a few copies. But I’m not really much into buying anthologies since I only buy certain issues whenever a favorite mangaka of mine has contributed in.

So I’m planning to order Baby vol. 17 even if I haven’t tried buying any of it’s previous volumes before. Now for this volume, it’s a yankee uke special. Ohgod it really sounds interesting since yankees are just the cutest. ❤

What I’ve noticed about Baby is that they have a different theme for every volume release (their new release is every 3 months). I actually thought of ordering Baby vol.1 a couple of months ago because I liked the theme – megane special, lol – yes, me and my love for megane men. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to order it since new releases kept piling up and I didn’t know what to order first so I always end up not buying it. orz;

Please refer to this page for the lineup of the mangakas.

➜ OPERA 27. I swear, OPERA never fails to amuse me with its stylish covers.

Cover illustration by Matsuo Marta.

Ah. This actually freaked me out since it was only a few weeks ago I was talking about Matsuo Marta’s “Usotsuki wa Shinshi no Hajimari” to a certain friend (since I only got to read it that time). And then when I got to check OPERA’s website just a while ago, I freaked out when I saw this cover, lol. Since this will be the continuation of her previous work, I bet a lot of people were really anticipating for this. I wish I can feel the excitement as well. ;;;;

This volume also has free postcards/calendars with illustrations by Nakamura Asumiko, Basso, Ishino Aya, Bikke, Matsuo Marta and Hiiragi Nozomu! \*u*/

To Nakamura Asumiko fans and to those who got to follow her “Sora to Hara” ever since it was serialized in OPERA, how was it? I’m planning to finally read it by next week since I seriously think I’m already missing a lot. orz;

➜ Katou Setsuko is in the newest issue of GUSH maniaEX. I haven’t heard of her that much lately so this cover illustrations is pretty much good news. ;u;

Now I wonder when she’ll be releasing a new tankoubon…

➜ So what I’m really, really excited for next month is Canna Vol.16

My very, very adorable… SNAE HATA \*A*/ ❤

I wanna cry. It’s the same date as Nakamura Asumiko’s artbook and Canna obviously costs a lot so… No choice but to buy it. I’m so sorry, my wallet. ;~~~;

➜ And lastly, a cute cover by Manako – “Mou Ikkai”. ❤

For me I think it is Canna that mostly introduces the most adorable mangakas out there, lol.

Yes, I’ll only be sharing a single tankoubon cover for now since I need to get to bed already. I’ll probably post the rest tomorrow. /o/


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