HMV haul.


This is actually my first time to order in HMV; they really annoyed me at first because they took so much time in despatching my orders. Also, EMS tracking was a pain. Well, I’m not sure if tracking will be easier for other countries because here in the Philippines, EMS packages undergo a long period once it arrives at the inward office exchange and after that, tracking can be so annoying. Nonetheless, HMV shipping is way cheaper than and they don’t charge expensive custom fees (since their delivery method is via EMS).

Anyway, on to the main entry~

Natsume Isaku’s “Kiraboshi Dial”! *w*

Aaah omg I finally have it at long last! /;w;\

I’ve been longing to get this tankoubon ever since I saw it on Amazon a few months ago. But as I usually say, I never had the chance to order it earlier because I keep on ordering new titles. ;; I was supposed to order “Tight Rope” as well but since my mom gave me a budget, I was only limited to 4 items. orz;

It’s actually Natsume Isaku’s art style that made me decide to get myself a copy of this, lol. I really thought the cover art was so cute and when I got to read a couple of good reviews, I decided to put her on my must-check mangakas. *u* ❤

Hakutou Noriko’s “Omae de Nakya Dame Mitai”. ❤

I swear, when I opened it and saw this, I went “OMFG TWO MEGANE BOYS. OMFG. YEEEESS. HOYESSS. I SENSE 3P /froths”

But yeah I still have to read it. Gaaah this is so adorable. *A*

I still haven’t read my copy of her “Masaka Kore ga Koi Nante” yet, though. orz; but for sure I’ll be reading this first since I really see a lot of megane men. *q*

Obligatory back cover image because I really think this illustration is just beautiful. ❤

Kusama Sakae’s “Ousama no Bed”.

Kusama Sakae’s one of the many mangakas I’ve been dying to check out ever since I saw Bird-san posting reviews about her works.

At first, I really didn’t like her art style when I saw her covers for “Irome/Nureru”. But then when I check my copy of her “Ousama no Bed” a while ago, I instantly fell in love with her art style. ❤

Miyoshi Ayato’s “Yuuhi ni Fureru Sono Mae ni”.

I wasn’t really sure about getting this when I was fixing my orders in HMV since I didn’t have the slightest knowledge about who Miyoshi Ayato is. I think it took me a couple of hours before finally finalizing my order together with this tankoubon of hers, lol.

Now when I got to finally check the contents a while ago, I was truly surprised to see such pretty art style. *q* It’s quite similar to Yamada Kouta‘s art style.


Okay, that’s it for now.

I might not do the continuation of the release post from last night since I forgot I have some school works to do that are all due this week. orz;

So until the next update~! /o/


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