July update.

➜ (07/01/2011) Nishida Higashi‘s on the cover of Citron VOL. 9 this month. Together with that is Itoi Nozo’s first tankoubon release, Koinohi.

➜ Some of this month’s releases that I find interesting:


(L-R: Momoyama Naoko’s “Kono Sekai de Tatta Futari“, Moto Haruko’s “Byousoku Zero Mile”, Sakura Sakuya’s “Ouji, Ikebukuro-kei” and Honjou Rie’s “Kawaii Anata ni Amai Wana“)


➜ Also, Konjiki Runa will be releasing her latest tankoubon, “Yawaraka na Yuutsu“, this month! *u*

I am actually hoping to get a copy of her “Darling, I love you” (continuation of her “Hana no Arashi wa,“).

There are a lot of nice novel releases too but too bad my Japanese knowledge is still not enough for me to finally read novels. These are the times when I just want to spend most of my time studying Japanese. But since I’m still in college, I have to prioritize my academics first. ;;;

Anyway, that’s it for now. Hopefully I can come up with a worthy post next time. orz;


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