Reviews: お前でなきゃダメみたい ~Omae de Nakya Dame Mitai~ (GUSH COMICS)

Hello once again everyone! Woah, it’s been a long time since I last reviewed anything here. orz;

Anyway! “Omae de Nakya Dame Mitai” is Hakutou Noriko’s third tankoubon release and her second through Gush.

First off, I just want to say how much I love Hakutou Noriko and her obvious love for megane men! (which is one of my major fetishes) *w*

So this tankoubon consists of 5 shots. As expected from Hakutou Noriko, she never fails in amusing me with her characters. Although, I didn’t really like this one as much as I liked “Ijiwaru“. ;;

But I don’t really regret buying this one because I can’t just get enough of Hakutou Noriko nowadays. Her stories amuse me and her art style is also very adorable! ❤

Okay, I’ll just save some of my other thoughts about her works later as you read on with the review. So please enjoy yourselves! ;u;

Can you guys just imagine how much I spazzed over this gorgeous colored illustration? /;w;\2 adorable megane boys omg. /bleeding

So in the first shot, “Omae de Nakya Dame Mitai” follows the story of two college students Suwa and Fujisaki. They’re the complete opposite of each other — Suwa is your typical outgoing ikemen who you usually see having goukon and is the most popular guy in his group of friends; while Fujisaki on the other hand is your typical boring glasses guy who’s really timid and unsociable.

The two met at a party a month ago and ended up doing it after they got drunk. Then ever since that day, they started to have a sexual relationship — nothing else. And according to Suwa, he doesn’t really like Fujisaki or anything — or so he thought.

I really loved the part when Suwa had to go on a trip with his friends to Nasu — Suwa had to call Fujisaki and ask his permission if he can go with his friends together with some girls. I mean, what could Fujisaki say to him at that moment, right? He couldn’t tell Suwa to not go since Fujisaki’s totally clueless on what Suwa thinks about him and their relationship. So for Suwa to ask him permission, it seems he’s absentmindedly behaving like they’re an official couple already which is sooo adorable.

Suwa didn’t actually like the idea of the trip. It’s just that his friends insisted him since Manami (a girl Suwa’s attracted to) told them that she’ll go as long as Suwa will. But during the trip, Suwa didn’t actually pay attention that much to Manami since he havebeen thinking a lot about Fujisaki that time. Then Manami finally asked him if he had someone he likes in mind and Suwa again remembered Fujisaki and said “there is”. OHOHOHO. ;u;

Suwa then left Nasu and came by Fujisaki’s house. When Fujisaki asked him why he left early from the trip, Suwa ignored his question and finally confessed to him and vice versa. After a while, Suwa asked Fujisaki why he let him go to the trip — wasn’t he worried that he might end up doing it with someone else? Then Fujisaki told him “You’re a good-looking person while there’s nothing really likeable about me. So if ever you had another person you like, then I can’t do anything about it”– something like that. Ah the cuteness. /;w;\

Suwa and Fujisaki are adorable. At first, I didn’t think I would like Suwa because he seemed so aggressive. But when I saw his feelings grew for Fujisaki (especially during the phone scene), I started to love him. Fujisaki’s too adorable as well. They just suit each other nicely.

Although, this is quite the typical plot for a lot of BL stories (and shoujo ones). But as we all know, different mangakas use the same usual plots but it’s up to them in adding a twist to the story.

Now for the second story – “Kawaii no ga Osuki?”-  it’s about high school (senior) student Uehara Daisuke who surprisingly finds a mysterious love letter in his shoe locker from a certain underclassman named “Aikawa Ruka”.

Daisuke was so excited when he received it and started to imagine how this “Aikawa Ruka” person will look like (in his mind: a verryyy cute girl of course, lol). So when he got to the meeting place, he freaked out when this “Ruka-chan” turned out to be a guy! So to Daisuke’s shock, he immediately left the place without saying a word. ;;

Well, that was quite predictable but “Aikawa Ruka” does sound like a girl’s name, haha! Although, I really thought Ruka was just so adorable, lol. He reminds me so much of Yamamoto (from KHR).

The next day, Daisuke’s friend was asking him how the meet up went. Of course Daisuke couldn’t tell him he met up with a guy. But then Ruka suddenly appeared and called out to him to apologize for the awkward situation that happened yesterday. According to Ruka, it’s better if they start out as friends and get to know each other first. I swear Ruka looked so determined, lol.

So days passed and they started to hang out and slowly started to know more about each other. Then Ruka told Daisuke that he’ll be busy in his club so he won’t be going home together with Daisuke. Now when Daisuke asked him about his club, he was surprised to know he was in Kendo (YES, VERY YAMAMOTO-ISH AAAH) since Ruka suited more to be in the cooking or sewing club, lol.

So after seeing Ruka during Kendo practice, Ruka invited Daisuke to his house to eat cake (which was such a great bait for Daisuke). When they arrived at Ruka’s room, it was surprisingly… girly. LOL

It seems Ruka’s very much into cute stuff because of his two sisters. The reason why he joined Kendo is that because their father was worried about him (being gay) because of the things he’s into.

Then Daisuke told Ruka that he likes the fact that Ruka knows Kendo since he seemed so cool when he saw him during practice. With that being said, the atmosphere changed and of course we all know what comes next.

I really loved the sex scenes in this story. The positions are well drawn and it was just so sexy, lol. /bleeding

Tbh, I didn’t like the story of this one that much since all of it happened so fast. Although, I have a thing for stories with the senpai being the uke so I still like it… halfheartedly that is. And Ruka really, really reminded me of Yamamoto so much so I think it’s a plus for me, lol.

Now, the third story, “Megane-san to Megane-chan“, is about Natsume Ryu, a bookstore clerk who has a fetish for megane people.

This is actually the story I was thinking of reading first when I saw the first page colored illustration. As you all know, I have a tremendous love for megane men and two megane men in one story with the possibility of having a threesome is just. ❤

Anyway, Ryu’s love revolves around two adorable megane men namely Ayaka and Kuze. Ayaka is “Megane-chan” while Kuze is “Megane-san”. The difference is that of their personalities. Ayaka’s the cutesy type while Kuze’s the silent (but deadly) type, lol.

So, Ayaka is Ryu’s childhood friend. Ayaka likes Ryu a lot and at the same time, Ryu is attracted to him. When Ryu played a little joke by telling Ayaka to stop saying cute things (that make him cuter) or else he’ll kiss him, Ayaka unhesitatingly agreed. Too bad they were interrupted by Ayaka’s mom. ;;

Now on the other hand, there’s Kuze, Ryu’s co-worker at the bookstore he works in. Kuze’s a nerd — an adorable sexy nerd that is. They actually have a mutual understanding since they seem to really like each other. The scene when it was raining so hard an they both had to go home – Kuze didn’t have an umbrella with him so Ryu just gave his. Worried Ryu might catch a cold, Kuze tried giving it back but Ryu told him he’s fine. Unfortunately, he got sick the following day — obviously.

Kuze then paid him a visit and eventually ended up doing things (because Kuze seemed so horny that time).

After a few minutes, Ayaka unexpectedly came by Ryu’s place and eventually caught the two in action, lol. Of course Ayaka was shocked so he immediately ran to Ryu to cling onto him and claim him as his. Also surprised by this, Kuze asked who Ayaka was and Ryu explained to him that Ayaka is just his childhood friend. Then Kuze and Ayaka started fighting over Ryu by performing naughty acts on him, lol.

I swear Kuze’s character became so OOC in this scene. You don’t really expect him to be as possessive as to what Ayaka does. Also, for him to have a naughty showdown was just so hilarious.

This story isn’t actually my favorite but since it was so cute and hilarious, I loved every scene in it. You’ll laugh at how Hakutou Noriko drew Ryu’s tortured penis after being abused by Ayaka and Kuze. HAHA

For the fourth story – “Tsuki no Naka de Sanpo” – the story follows the developing relationship of  two childhood friends.

Yuma is your typical busybody office worker. He’s not really doing well with his current job and is most of the time, stressed-out. Now after one busy day, his childhood friend, Haru, called his cellphone and told him that he have just arrived in Tokyo. Surprised by this, Yuma came to pick up Haru at the train station and told Haru why he didn’t even bother to contact him beforehand saying he’ll be arriving that day; but eventually Haru did. Turns out Yuma just didn’t notice the mails Haru sent because he was too busy with work. ;;

Haru’s personality by the way, is the complete opposite as Yuma’s.Yuma’s unsociable in nature and tends to look at life at a very serious perspective. While Haru on the other hand is easy-going. Because of that attitude, Yuma doesn’t really like Haru’s companionship.

The story is quite upsetting at first since Yuma was all tsun-tsun to Haru. But of course, just like any tsundere ukes in any BL stories, Yuma started to appreciate Haru’s companionship little by little.

I really love the part when Yuma already realized his feelings for Haru after going for a little walk (under the moonlight). A few hours after they got back to Yuma’s place, Haru asked Yuma if he can sleep beside him. I swear this scene brought shivers to my whole body because it was so cheesy, lol.

So anyway. Haru asked if Yuma was busy with work and suddenly took hold of Yuma’s hand. When Yuma answered “Yes” Haru then told him, “It’ll be alright. As long as it’s Yuma, he can do it” (something like that) and then added “Do your best”. Because of these words, Yuma couldn’t hold back much longer and hugged Haru– which then obviously ends up with steamy hot scenes.

I love this story. I love how Yuma’s feelings developed for Haru in the end and how Haru dealt with Yuma’s patience. I really loved the bed scene! It was very romantic (although very cheesy) and the sex scenes were also hot. I really wish their story will be continued even if it won’t be anytime soon. ;;

Now for the last story is”Inu mo Kuwanai“– I must say this has the cutest story and characters. *w*

So the story is about two co-workers, Manabe and Asano who are at the same time, lovers. They have been going out for a while now but ever since Manabe got busy with work, he rarely gives time for Asano. Asano on the other hand is very much irritated by this.

Manabe noticed Asano’s bitterness lately so he gave him hot cocoa (Asano’s fond of sweet things) and tried asking him out on a date. Asano was obviously glowing with happiness, lol. Unfortunately, Manabe was called by their boss once again and their date was eventually cancelled in the end. Poor Asano. ;A;

Manabe then apologized and tried to explain but Asano couldn’t stand his “I-have-no-choice-since-it’s-my-job” excuses anymore so Asano walked-out on him. A few moments later, Asano was left at the office with another male co-worker.

Since it’s also been a while since Manabe and Asano had sex, Asano thought of just seducing his other co-worker. Manabe suddenly arrived and caught the two but of course, didn’t say a word. He then told the other guy to call it a day. After a few minutes, Manabe finally confronted Asano.

Well, the confrontation got a little too physical, lol. But still it was sexy since Manabe was such an S– AND ASANO LOVED IT OHOHOHO /shot

I mentioned that this was the cutest story, right? I must also say that this story has the hottest sex scenes. You can NEVER go wrong with BDSM. Yup.

Anyway, Manabe and Asano are just perfect for me. I love them. They’re the type of pairing I usually like in BL mangas– a gentle hetero seme and a flirty, tsundere-ish (since Asano wasn’t really all that tsuntsun to Manabe) uke.

There was never a part in this story I didn’t like. Also, the supporting character (the other co-worker) was hilarious– AND HE WAS AN ADORABLE MEGANE DORK, BTW.

Again, I just love it how Hakutou Noriko draws sex scenes. Although there was this one part in Manabe and Asano’s story that looked kind of awkward. Nonetheless, I’m satisfied with it. Also, did I mention that I also have a fetish for men in suits? If not, yes I do that’s why I also enjoyed this story very much, lol.

So overall, this was a nice read. Very enjoyable and all of the characters were adorable. But tbh, I still love “Ijiwaru” more. ;; I give this 4 stars out of 5.

So that’s it for this review, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed reading! *u*

I was supposed to post this last Sunday night but couldn’t finish it since I had to finish a certain artwork that was due the following day. Also, I’m terribly sorry that this review seems so… off. I mean, I wasn’t able to think of a good outline for it beforehand so I was still editing my sentences while making this a few days ago. ;;

Nonetheless, I had fun reading and reviewing this. I hope you all did, too. ;w;

Until the next review post! /o/


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