Some small things I find “pretty-interesting”.

Literally “pretty” and “interesting”, that is. ;;

→ For the past few weeks, I’ve been spazzing about a newly discovered mangaka that eventually forced me into buying Canna’s volume 16. Guess who?

It’s Yamada Torico! *u*

I just can’t get over her art style. When I first saw Canna post some previews in their twitter account, Yamada Torico’s work really caught my attention. It’s looks so adorable and her coloring is pretty as well! For the story, it’s basically about a boy named Miyamae-kun who has an enormous love and inspiration for his grandmother. He even go to such lengths as growing up pretending to be a girl — until his grandmother died. But even if he stopped pretending to be a girl, he still followed one trait — again, inspired by his grandmother, and that is finding his own “prince” — just like how his grandmother found hers (which was obviously his grandfather).

After reading that shot, I decided to research more info about Yamada Torico’s works. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have an official blog– or am I just blind? But yeah I checked and eventually found nothing. ;A;

Fortunately, just in time with my Yamada Torico craze, I found through Chill-Chill’s September release list that she’ll be having a new tankoubon release, “Kanashii Hito wa Doko ni mo Inai“, through drap (9/3) ! *u*

Other than Yamada Torico, other mangakas like Mayama Rika and Homuro Mita also caught my attention. Ah, I just love Canna for featuring such mangakas. ❤

→ Now for the second mangaka I want to talk about is Umiyuki Lily. I’m sure for those of you who often buys Canna, you have heard and read her shots already. Sadly, I don’t have those volumes. orz;

Now on how I only got to discover her just now — I was randomly picking titles from Chill-Chill’s September release list and came across her “Sono toki wa tada Kokoro ni Furete” tankoubon that will soon be released through Canna Comics (9/26).

Her art is very pretty as well. I swear I’m so obsessed with these kinds of cutesy art style. Thankfully, she has a blog. *w*

→ Lastly, Yamada Papiko will be releasing her first ever tankoubon through Gateau Comics, “Dou ni mo Nan nai Soushisoai” (9/15) – FINALLY. \*A*/

I’m pretty surprised since I’ve only seen her make Gintama doujinshis most of the time – and as I always mention, I don’t really get to buy BL anthologies so I  don’t get to see her works in Gateau. Her most recent work that I saw was her 1-page colored illustration  in my BL48手 artbook — which is my personal favorite. ❤

I scanned and posted it in my personal tumblr a few months ago here.

→ On another note, I’ve finally created a tumblr exclusively for my BL posts. Please check this post for more info! ;u;

That’s all for now. I’m still busy with school since our finals are already coming up. ;;

‘Til the next post! o/


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