Covers once again.

First off, I just want to apologize for the lack of release updates lately. I couldn’t manage going to BL sites lately for release updates so I often rely on subscription e-mails. Unfortunately, even if I received those release info, I still couldn’t make a release update since I’m pretty much lame with time management /sob/ so I always make my release update outline late and eventually end up not posting at all. I’m so sorry. orz;;

But here I am! And today, I’ll be talking about covers of some exciting releases! It’s a looooong weekend for most of us right now (in the Philippines) since we have a lot of holidays coming up. Haha! 8)

Anyway, on to the main entry!

→ For BLCD fans, have you already checked out the releases of Kumota Haruko’s “Itoshi no Nekokke” and the 2nd part of Moegi Yuu’s “Katekyo!“? *u* It was both released last 8/24. I’m actually excited about Kumota Haruko’s since I’ve been talking and spazzing about it ever since it was announced, lol. But I might just get myself a copy next time. ;; I posted the cast in my previous entry here.

onBLUE 3 and Nanaki Katsura’s “Ita Hime” (also from onBLUE) both released last 8/25. I really, really regret not buying onBLUE. I mean, I do include it on my list but I never got to buy it since I always put Canna and OPERA first. orz;; but I think I’ll start buying it when I have an extra budget for it. What actually caught my attention is Nanaki Katsura’s first tankoubon release — IT LOOKS SO ADORABLE.

Read: hikikomori + megane + otaku+ cross-dressing! Ohmygod. /;A;\ and I read it’s pretty sexy so will definitely get a copy!

→ I finally got to see the cover for OPERA 28 KISS (8/26)!!! /*A*\ AND OMG  KUSAMA SAKAE AJFGHSDKSHFJSDJKFGHFJ THIS IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. When I was talking about this in my previous entry, I was actually trying to control the urge to go all “ajkdhgfjskfgh” since I’m still waiting for the cover, lol. It really looks more gorgeous than I have imagined it to be. Although, I’m so frustrated right now since I still can’t order until next week and I’m afraid they might run out of stock already at HMV. orz;; but yeah I’m praying to have my copy by next month. ;;

→ Chiba Ryouko’s “Honjitsu No Goyoumei wa?” (released last 8/25 through Chara) and “Nigeru nara Ima da” (release date: 8/29 through Hanaoto). I actually wanted to talk about this last week but I got too excited about Yamada Torico and Yamada Papiko’s releases. ;;

Anyway, these new tankoubon releases by Chiba Ryouko seems  nice. I only read one work of hers (Sensei, Kiss Shite Ii desu ka?) and it was pretty good. Although the plot was still missing something. But nonetheless, I enjoyed her characters’ personalities very much. *u*

→ Ootsuki Miu on the cover of Canna Vol. 18! \*A*/ also, I see some exciting one-shot lineup — Achi Harufumi, Hanamori Mito, Umematsu Machie and mooore. *u* I wonder when Canna will post some previews in their twitpic account? ;~~; I’m also very much intrigued to see Sakurai Nanako’s colored preface illustration!

→ Oh, I finally found Yamada Torico’s official blog. click! She doesn’t really post that much sketches but if you need to check her previous works, it’s all listed there. 🙂 if you want, you can also follow her on twitter. ❤

I really hope I can order all the titles I need by the end of this month. ;A; I’m currently having card problems and I feel like all the BL tankoubons I need to buy will all be out of stock by the time I can use my card again. orz;


Well, that’s all for now everyone! ;w; ❤


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