September haul.

Hello everyone! It’s been ages since I last updated here and I’m terribly sorry about that. Also, our desktop PC keeps on hanging lately which made updating so much difficult. orz;;

On another note, our hell weeks will be finally over really soon and I just can’t wait to have a long deserved(?) rest, lol. Anyway!

So my orders finally arrived today and I swear 1 week was really worth the wait.  I was supposed to receive it last week if I ordered the week before. Unfortunately, I got too busy and just got to order it last week. ;;

This is my first order for September and the second one that will hopefully arrive by next month will include Yamada Papiko’s original tankoubon debut release and some more exciting releases! Aaah I love September ’11, lol. *w*

I’m not familiar with Sakura Tomo since I really didn’t like her art style when I got to read a work of hers in OPERA a few issues back ;; but this first page colored illustration is just beautiful. *u*

Nakamura Asumiko’s extra story on Doukyusei – “And kiss” — I know most of you REALLY anticipated this one. ❤

Gah sorry for the ugly light reflections ;; Anyway, this is from Ma-ya’s “Hoshii Mono”. Quite intrigued by this mangaka since her art style is very pretty and just by scanning the pages a while ago, I really think I’ll like the story — the uke is really pretty I swear he is, lol.

AAAH KUSAMA SAKAE. This is so precious omg. /;w;\

So I finally got to have Yamada Torico’s latest tankoubon release — “Kanashii Hito wa Doko ni mo Inai“. *A*

I immediately fell in love with her works when I saw her latest work in Canna and she reminds me so much of Kojima Lalako that’s why I just can’t get enough of her. ;;

See how gorgeous this is? CAN I JUST MARRY THIS WOMAN? ;A;

Which reminds me, I still need to buy her very first tankoubon release. And and and I hope she’ll be announcing a tankoubon release through Canna soon.

Forgive me for I just love positions like this. I have a huge thing for butts that’s why I just love it when boys have their butts in that upward kind of position. ❤

Uchida Tsuchi’s “Barairo Melancholy“. One of the many tankoubons I’ve been meaning to buy a month ago. ;;

GAAAHH. The art style is very cute I tell you! ❤ I just hope the story’s just as cute as it seems to be! ;u;

Ootsuki Miu’s “Play Zone“. Also one of the many yummy release I wasn’t able to get my hands on immediately.

I swear I am really, REALLY loving Ootsuki Miu lately. I’ve really succumbed to her innate ability to weaken me by the way she draws her characters. THIS IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. ;A;

Play Zone seems like a megane fest thing for me, lol; I really think I’ll love the 3P story. *w*

And I was actually shocked at how Play Zone seemed so… colorful and… stylish. I mean, Ootsuki Miu always draw stylish characters but I don’t know, this is the first time I’ve ever owned a tankoubon by her that is so filled with bright candy colors that’s so insanely cute. ❤

Mito Hitomi’s “Doutei Hitsuji to Abazure Okami“. The story seems interesting and so is the mangaka. *u*

Since I got to intrigued with Mito Hitomi, I also included her 2010 tankoubon release “Shishi ni Namida” in my September order.

Together with  “Doutei Hitsuji to Abazure Okami“, “Kaerimichi de Koi ni Madou” was also released the very same day. Now what you see above there is a mini-booklet of the latter. It’s basically an extra story; too bad I wasn’t able to order it. orz;;

Nanaki Katsura’s “Ita Hime“. It’s unexpectedly thick. Ahh, I really have a lot to read this coming semester break. @u@

I don’t really like the art style for some odd reason. ;;

Yamano Deco’s “Kimi Iro Real“. CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

Randomly saw this on Chill-Chill and decided to include it in my order — THANKFUL THAT I DID. This is just so adorable! *A*

That’s it for haul sharing! ;u;

Yes, it seems like I’m forgetting something VERY important — Nakamura Asumiko’s Doukyusei Fanbook, lol.

I’ll be posting the review by tomorrow I promise! ;u; I kind of went home late today and our PC’s not working properly (major lagging) that’s why it takes forever to navigate. ;;

I’m pretty much excited to talk about the fanbook since just like everybody else, I’ve been waiting for it for months already. ;; but yeah, full details including keyboard-smashing, spazzing and squealing in tomorrow’s post! Hahaha


5 thoughts on “September haul.

  1. OMG those colored illustration are all so beautiful! i especially love that of Sakura Tomo ❤ i've never heard of her so hopefully i can find some scanlated works by her now xD also the one by Kusama Sakae. gosh i've had her "Chikatetsu no Inu" in my to-read-list since forever but i guess i'm just too lazy .__.


    wow Ootsuki Miu's 3p story looks so delicious *q* the uke's really pretty!

    btw do you plan on scanning any of these stories? if so, please PLEASE consider scanning "And kiss" because yesss i've been REALLY anticipated it since it's OPERA 28 featuring annoucement and now look at the teaser you've posted… 嬉しいくて言葉にできない (i know this phrase from a song sang by Tohoshinki and i guess i can use it now he he) 

    great post as always, Hachi. thank you very much! youhavenoideahowmuchiloveyouforeverythingyoudosdkfhasifgaskdfvs

    • I hope you can! ;u; I’m not familiar with Sakura Tomo so I’m not sure if anyone has scanlated any of her works already. orz;;

      I’m really excited to read Play Zone myself since all of the characters seems extremely adorable. *A*

      Hrmm, I don’t usually give out scans but I’ll try to! 🙂 and no problem! Happy that you’re happy about this teaser haha! *u*

      ajdgfjshfghfjfhgj and thank YOU for your nice comments!!! ;u; ❤

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