last haul for September.

So my last two orders finally arrived. \*w*/ I actually received the four tankoubons (starting from the left) the other day but decided to just make this blog entry until they finally ship to me the last two — which I happily got today.

Compared to the previous haul I shared, I was actually more excited about this next set of orders since the new works of my most anticipated mangakas-to-try are included here. *u*

Chidori Peko’s “Renai Game

CHIDORI PEKO. Once again I fell in love.

Just how I usually hunt for new reads, the cover caught my attention.

Funny how I observed her art style the other day while scanning through the manga, the second story kind of reminded me of KHR’s Hayato Gokudera for some reason. Then I told myself “It would be great if she makes KHR doujinshis…” SURPRISINGLY, SHE DOES MAKE KHR DOUJINSHIS, LOL. Only, she’s pretty fond of the D18 pairing — well, I am too but not as much as I love 8059 and 8018. ;; but while checking her works in Baka-Updates Manga a while ago, her D18 sure looks gorgeous. *w*

I looooove her art style. Although she has a little problem with the proportion of the body in some illustrations but nonetheless, all is pretty much well-drawn.


So at long last, I finally have Yamada Papiko’s original debut tankoubon release — “Dou ni Mo Nan Nai Soushisouai. *u* I immediately fell in love with her art style after seeing her illustration for the BL48手 artbook.

I really wish she can do more original works. ;u;

For those who don’t know yet, Yamada Papiko makes Gintama doujinshis. 🙂 I haven’t read any of them yet but I’ll definitely try to. *n*

Ootsuki Miu’s “Ouji Hiroimashita“. As I said in my previous Ootsuki Miu review, I will try to get my hands on her works as much as possible since  I would really love to familiarize myself with her and her works.

So as expected, her art style is just gorgeous as always.

There really is something about the “wetness” in Ootsuki Miu’s art style. It’s really hard to explain but it’s like, once you get to read her works, you’ll never get enough of that saliva and cum wonderland scenes she gives out. Haha!

From the limited edition booklet. Aaah those nipples. *q*

Yanagisawa Yukio’s “Kami to Pen” — one of the mangas I’ve been meaning to buy since the release but only got to order my copy now. ;;

C-c-cross-dressing… *w*

Her art style is pretty and very mature-like. I’m really glad I finally got to have my copy of this. ❤

Umiyuki Lily’s “Sono toki wa tada Kokoro ni Furete“.

Been really, REALLY looking forward to get my hands on this. I immediately pre-ordered this tankoubon the moment I got to discover Umiyuki Lily, lol.

What did you notice about her art style?

It’s very Kojima Lalako-like, right!? *w* awdsfhjsrfgiwyiuhejbskjeb

I swear the moment I started scanning through this manga, I kept of giggling since her illustrations really remind me of Kojima Lalako’s — but of course Kojima Lalako is still my moe queen. ❤

But I’m also falling for Umiyuki Lilyyyy. ;n;

Nomoto Nagina’s “Strobe Switch“.

I was wondering why the art style looked familiar until I finally saw the story entitled “Glow Again“. Turns out I already got to read it in my copy of Canna’s volume 11. *u*

I noticed Canna somewhat has a similar occurring art styles by different mangakas. Did you guys also notice similarities in their art styles, too? Mostly are very simple yet adorable! ;u;

So that conclude’s today’s haul share. I hope you guys enjoyed it. ;u; again, I’m very sorry for the poor lighting, I swear I am in dire need of a new desk lamp. ;A;

Our semester break is near and I just can’t wait to read all of these lovelies asap!! *u*

Goodnight/Good Day to all! /o/


6 thoughts on “last haul for September.

  1. Oh my~
    You got me very interested in Chidori Peko’s and Yamada Papiko’s art xD
    Ootsuki Miu’s ero scenes are still yummy as always.

    I wish I could buy as many but the BL mangas here are rarely updated >.<
    Like i bought Only the flower knows by Takarai Rihito and Yume no you na hanashi by Kiyoi Kiriyu last month. I hope to get Super Lovers by Abe Miyuki :3

    • Glad you also liked their art styles! *w*
      And yes, she’s definitely my goddess of ero-moe scenes. <333

      Aren't you allowed to order for specific titles from them? ;u;
      I haven't read anything by Abe Miyuki before but her stories and art style seem nice! *u*

      • Ah I was wondering if you could recommend me a few good BL mangakas? I’m like running out of stuff to read and get inspiration from ><"

        I can't really order now since I have to wait to get my ID so yea…ahh the wait for maturity…

        You should really try out Super Lovers ❤ Its really adorable, funny and hot at times. (borders on shotacon a bit for me though)

        Also srry to bother but could you tell me what you think of my drawing?
        Forgive me if you thought the shorter one was the uke xP

      • Hrmm, currently I’m really loving Suzuki Tsuta, Yamada Torico, Umiyuki Lily and Chidori Peko. Homuro Mita and Miyama Rika seem interesting, too!
        Have you read works by Kojima Lalako already? But yeah I think you have. ;; /biased forever

        Oh they ask for an ID if you order? :O
        When I went to SG a couple of months back, I was surprised they didn’t ask for my ID. Do I look really old lol

        Will do! Thanks for recommending it! ;u;

        I wasn’t able to read your last sentence until I finally got to see the drawing so I knew that the uke was the adorable tsundere megane. HOHO ❤
        You draw really nice! And the uke reminds me of Nagi from Amagi Reno's "Oni ni Hatsujou"! (which I tried drawing before but seriously failed; will draw a better one next time)
        What graphite pencil do you usually use?

  2. Thanks to your blog I discovered Yamada Papiko * o * ! I’m not especially a Gintama fan so I couldn’t know because of her Doujinshis. At first, her style reminds me of Yoneda Kou (or I might be deepy influenced by my last readings ;__;).
    I’m gonna look for some infos about Yanagisawa Yukio as well :3.

    • My pleasure! *u*
      Her style is actually pretty far from Yoneda Kou’s ;u; have you seen Suzuki Tsuta’s works? Her art style is more similar to Yoneda Kou’s, imo! ;u;
      Yamada Papiko’s style looks very common but once you get used to her art style, it sort of gives you an ideation of how distinct her art style actually is from other mangakas. /did I make sense there ;;
      But yeah, please do try reading her debut tankoubon release! ;u; her art is really pretty and her shota style is extremely adorable.
      Haven’t read Yanagisawa Yukio’s work yet but her art style is also pretty. ❤

      Happy reading! *u*

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