Miike Romuko and a few others.

→ Miike Romuko’s “Yuugure no Machi” (10/29 花音コミックス). Can’t NOT share to you guys  a pretty cover like this. *w*

I have this bad habit of listing mangakas (whenever their art style cathes my attention) but always end up forgetting their names then will just remember it again whenever I get to see new release/s by those specific mangakas — Miike Romuko is one of them.

I was surprised to find out that I actually listed her “Sono Kuchibiru wo Hirake” and “Kira Kira” in my to-read list a few months back but totally forgot about it. ;;

→ Anyway, listed below are some of this month’s releases:

10/8 (ビーボーイコミックス)
亜樹良のりかず 「はちみつdarling」
鈴木ツタ 「この世 異聞 其ノ五」
10/15 (CRAFTシリーズ)
天禅桃子 「フラッター」
10/24 (ルチルコレクション)
平喜多ゆや 「恋の微熱がさめなくて」
10/24 (Baby Comics)
モチメ子 「親愛なる東雲家へ 2(仮)」
10/25 (drapコミックス)
ユキムラ 「ホントのところ」
10/25 (Charaコミックス)
新井サチ 「どこよりもラブで!」

→ On another note, has anyone heard of “Medianoche Gate”? My friend Cindi was telling me about it a while ago in twitter and it seems pretty interesting. *u*

It’s basically a “horror” story video made by different BL authors and illustrators. They have a different meaning for “horror” so if you’re curious about it, you can read about it here for the blog posts and videos (it’s in Japanese btw).

A lovely project just in time for Halloween! (~*u*)~


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