Cover update on Dame BL Anthology!


Details are finally posted! → click

AAHHH KUMOTA HARUKO. ;w; this is just too gorgeous I just can’t—!

Thank you very much to Kijitora and Annie who brought the very exciting news as I got back from a long day of grocery shopping, lol.

So the actual main reason why “Dame BL” came to be is because of Kumota Haruko’s certain tweet last May 2010 which created a huge commotion with BL mangakas and readers. Different mangakas started tweeting about the things they would like to draw, and readers started tweeting stories they would like to read. But the stories aren’t really your ordinary BL stories—it has to be unusual. *w*

If you want to join in the conversation, tweet your desired “Dame BL” story with the hashtag #dameBL. The editors would surely love to hear from us readers! ;u; @ reply @bookman_chan or @yama_bookman. Lots of responses will surely result to many more issues to come of Dame BL anthology! *u*

As for my own idea, I actually thought of having a gay trans man as my main character. Then when I saw Psyche Delico’s column with that kind of theme—AHHH. Quite flattered to know we have some kind of same brain wave or something. ;; Originally, that thought of mine started when I read Haruki Murakami’s “Kafka on the Shore” wherein one of the main characters was a gay transgender man—he was the most awesome character, imo.

Anyway, I hope you’ll all enjoy talking about Dame BL on Twitter! ;u; the release is still on the 25th but time will surely pass by with all these excitement! ❤


3 thoughts on “Cover update on Dame BL Anthology!

  1. Ahhh that cover!!!<3
    I really love the whole concept of the anthology. Cannot wait for the 25th~

    (Oh, and you read Haruki Murakami too? LMAO why do we love the same things.)

    • Sexy man legs! sjdhjdhd ;u; ❤
      Me too! It's so exciting to be able to read stories like this by your favorite mangakas.

      Ahh! Another Haruki Murakami faaaan! /;w;\ come into (no pun intended) my arms, Angelaa /;A;/ ❤

  2. I didn’t even know how bad my leg kink was until I saw that pic. Oh Kumota Haruko XD

    I actually laughed out loud at your come pun. /perv (Such is the fate of a fujoshi!)

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