It’s November 1! First off, Happy All Saint’s Day to everyone. I’m sure all of you enjoyed Halloween—even if most of you were already too big for trick or treating—like me. /sob

So anyway, today’s a new day which means a lot of new releases and announcements on BL websites, lol.

→ On my noted releases, Minazuki Akira’s “Nobaseru Karada” will be released today as well as Citron Vol.11. I’m really thinking if I should buy Citron since it’s Jaryuu Dokuro’s special feature and I just can’t miss that interview. /sob/ but aaahh, too many good releases this November and I don’t think my wallet can handle buying any more anthologies for this month except Dame BL. orz;

→ On HertZ mobile—iHertZ—IT’S KOJIMA LALAKO ON THE COVER. /;A;\ but ahdgshdgdh MOBILE. /sob/ she actually has a lot of novel releases lately but I still can’t read Japanese novels so… orz;

→ Last night, I was already fixing my orders for this month and noticed the mangaka “Nimoda Ai”. I happen to stumble upon her blog and clicked on her Pixiv account and guess what I found? SHOTA PARADISE. Inazuma Eleven paradise to be exact. And a couple of APH. I’ve been pretty obsessed with shotas ever since my best friends and I were randomly hunting for little boys in the mall a few months ago… /perv

She’ll be having a tankoubon release this month enitled “Trouble x Prince“. And for next month, Citron will finally release her “Moe Goe“. Pretty excited, really. *u*

→ For those who are residing in Japan, Natsume Isaku will be having a signing event for her newest tankoubon release this Nov.10— “Devil’s Honey“. Aahh, how I wish I can go to such events but buying a plane ticket just for a signing event is just too impossible.



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