Takarai Rihito + Kojima Lalako

→ CRAFT already posted the cover for Takarai Rihito’s cover for “Hana no Mizo Shiru 2“. *w*

Gorgeous. Just as expected from Takarai Rihito. :’D I don’t read the scanlation version of this so I’m pretty excited what the story turned out to be since the first volume.

→ Kojima Lalako will be in the latest issue of BExBOY Magazine (which is out today) so I’m really torn if I should buy it or not. I want to buy it because of Kojima Lalako but I’m not familair with some of the mangakas in the lineup so. ;; I really, really miss reading her works but I can’t afford certain BL magazines like this one so I’ll just patiently wait until she gets a new tankoubon release sob.

→ Also about Kojima Lalako, a friend just told me earlier that she’ll be on the cover of moca Vol.8!!! AHHHHH I seriously can’t wait for the cover to be posted!!! /;w;\

Too bad it’s already back-to-school for me this Tuesday. But it’s already the second semester which means a lot of holidays are coming up so I won’t disappear as much, lol. I’m still waiting for my orders to come in this month so I’ll be planning out a couple of reviews as well. And finally! I might post my very first mangaka insight—in which I will talk about BL mangakas and how thankful I am for their existence and for bringing us these beautiful homoerotic masterpieces. /shot/ it’s pretty obvious who I’ll be writing about first. Haha!


3 thoughts on “Takarai Rihito + Kojima Lalako

  1. I can’t wait to buy Vol 2 of Hana no Mizo Shiru! Thank you for the heads up 🙂

    Oh and I believe you asked me about what pencil I use for drawing? Its a normal 0.5 mechanical pencil. I use HB lead for sketch and a 2B one for the final thing. Srry I didn’t reply sooner. Now is the holidays for me so I have plenty of time to do what i want to x3

    • My pleasure~! *u*

      Ah same here then! XD I thought you used some other leads to create that nice shading ;u; and it’s fine haha!
      Lucky for you~! For me classes just started so… orz;

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