Reviews: 君色リアル。~Kimi Iro Real~ (バーズコミックス リンクスコレクション)

Finally got to make this review I’ve been wanting to talk to you guys about. ;u;

Anyway, “Kimiiro Real” is Yamano Deco’s first ever tankoubon release through Lynx (8/24). I randomly included it in my orders last September since I’m a sucker for new mangakas (with cute art styles) and I just can’t help but get myself a copy whenever someone gets to have their very first tankoubon release. orz; I only got to read this a few days ago, and since school got in the way (as usual), I only managed to finish it recently.

Okay so let me just say how much I enjoyed this manga—it’s just so cute and Yamano Deco’s art style is very adorable!! ;u; (I’m sorry if I use the words “cute” and “adorable” too much in my entries sob) I kind of talked about it in my tumblr a few days ago as well, lol.

So the tankoubon consists of 3 oneshots and a side story. Tbh, I kind of had a hard time reading since  tend to read slow when there’s furigana (yes, I’m the opposite sob) and it’s in kansai dialect—which I find rather difficult to understand sometimes—so forgive me if I messed up some parts in the review. orz;

I couldn’t scan the front image properly (since I usually post up the first color page) so I’ll just be using this image from my previous purchase post. ;;

So the first story is entitled “Kimiiro Real“. The title speaks for itself—“Your real (or true) colors.” It follows the story of two high school students: Sakura Tomoharu, who is in his third year, and his one year younger lover, Shirakawa Jun. The two met in a very awkward situation. Tomoharu, despite his good-looking appearance, is secretly a fudanshi. A fudanshi, for those who doesn’t know, is a counterpart of a fujoshi. Now Jun on the other hand is a very cheerful second year who’s head-over-heels in love with Tomoharu.

The two met in a bookstore where Tomoharu accidentally met Jun when he was planning on buying a new tankoubon release by his favorite BL author. They met in the BL section so obviously, Tomoharu tried explaining why he was there hoping that his fudanshi status won’t be figured out. Unfortunately due to his nervousness, he instead blurted out that he’s homo—which was worse. Surprisingly, Jun took it positively and asked if he can go out with him. Turns out Jun likes him ever since, lol.

Now for the side story, “Real no Sono Saki“, it is now according to Jun’s POV. They were already going out for a month when Jun suddenly notices Tomoharu’s been busy with his mobile phone lately. Curious about what Tomoharu’s up to, he tried waiting for the perfect chance to check Tomoharu’s phone. He was able to check it when Tomoharu went out to get them some snacks and he was surprised to find a bunch of e-mails from the same address: dream-boy801@xxx (lol). He started thinking of hilarious presumptions like he has a fudanshi rival, not knowing that “rival” is actually Tomoharu himself, haha!

I loved  the story because it’s my first time to encounter a fudanshi character in a BL story. ;; Also, the way how Tomoharu’s feelings toward Jun progressed throughout the two stories was lovely! *w*

The second story entitled “Kimiiro Love” is my favorite. I really love it.

The story revolves around two high school students again: Chiyaejima Hiroki and Shishiba Yuuki. One night while hurrying back home, Hiroki missed the last train and his mother couldn’t pick him up since she’s out of town. Without having anywhere to go to, he just decided to go to a nearby park and practiced his acting script. He then met Yuuki, who was on his way home, when he awkwardly performed a certain line saying “I’m in love with you!!” which he unconsciously pointed out to Yuuki, lol.

It took quite some time for Hiroki to tell Yuuki his feelings. They were studying in the same school but it’s really rare for them to bump into each other. However, they got to bump into each other one time but it seems Yuuki was in a hurry to see his “girlfriend”. Shocked by this, Hiroki started to get anxious since obviously things won’ work out for him and Yuuki.

Yuuki noticed Hiroki acting unusual so he asked him if something happened. Hiroki then tried telling Yuuki what he seriously feels for him but Yuuki thought Hiroki was just practicing his acting lines again. ;; Upset, Hiroki ran out of Yuuki’s house and went to the park. Yuuki chased after him and asked if what Hiroki just told him was true. Hiroki then told him about his worries about Yuuki’s “girlfriend”. When Yuuki heard about this, he brought Hiroki to the school and told him that it was all a misunderstanding. Turns out this “girlfriend” was actually a chicken that Yuuki’s class was told to take care of and it was Yuuki on duty that day.

My favorite story and my favorite couple. Hiroki is just gorgeous. I love him. Don’t let the title page deceive you—that moe-looking guy is actually the seme, lol. His character is really amusing and again, once you see the title page, your expectation about his character will surely turn around, haha! Also, the way he’s so crazy for Yuuki is just too cute! ;w;

Yuuki on the other hand is just as ridiculously perfect. Just like Hiroki, he will also surprise you with his unexpected action/s in the near end of the story. They’re pretty much perfect for each other and I don’t mind saying it a million times, lol.

Okay so for the last story, “Kimiiro Candy“, again it involves two high school students Kihara and Kurokami. The story starts when Kihara was telling about the time when he first met Kurokami 3 months ago. Kirihara was quietly enjoying his smoking time and was about to leave for class when a certain student interrupted him and told him to stop smoking and gave him a lollipop instead. Not knowing who this guy was and for doing such a weird act, Kihara got pissed. He was then later on suddenly confessed to. Turns out Kurokami is Kihara’s stalker.

Kihara later on got curious and decided to follow Kurokami after school one day. He was surprised to see Kurokami go into a bar downtown, but as he followed, he was asked by two, err, what do you call them, hookers? If he’s interested in working for a certain job. Without knowing what to do, Kihara was then saved by a mysterious bartender who turns out to be Kurokami~! He then also met up with Kurokami’s mother—who was drop dead cute—and was invited inside the bar. Kurokami’s mother told Kihara how thankful she is that Kurokami has friends like Kihara. Turns out Kurokami transferred schools when his parents divorced. On how Kurokami’s feelings toward Kihara came to be, it was during their school visit when he first saw Kihara’s sculpture which gave him a very sentimental feeling which resulted him to transfer to that school and of course, to be able to finally meet Kihara.

This story was rather so-so for me. I don’t know, it just didn’t have that enough sweet factor. /sob

But I did like it nevertheless. Kurokami is hilarious, lol. He’s the perfect example for an obsessed stalker. As much as I wanted to be surprised as how he turned out to be an ikemen bartender, it was pretty much expected already when he entered the bar—well actually I was expecting he’s a host. But meh, bartenders are better, imo but yeah it wasn’t really all that surprising. ;;

For Kihara’s character, he’s also hilarious. He first appeared in “Kimiiro Love” actually. He was the one who blurted out that Yuuki’s “girlfriend” was waiting for him, lol. He’s a yankee uke basically. OHOHO


UGH FINALLY. FINISHEEED. Initially I was going to post this yesterday but since the scanner got all PMS-y again with me, just deicided to post it today, orz;

I really hope you guys can buy a copy of this hilarious manga, lol. I really love it and I do hope Yamano Deco makes a sequel—stories of Kan, Kouta and Akira next, please! ;n; and and and more of the 3 main couples of course! ;u;

Personally, I loooove Kan. With Hiroki being my first, Kan would be second even though he didn’t really appear much in the stories. I’m really curious who gets to pair up with him since Kouta already has Akira. ;;

Anyway, I hope you guys liked the story as much as I did! *Q* ❤

I leave you with some more of Tomoharu and Jun’s cuteness.


7 thoughts on “Reviews: 君色リアル。~Kimi Iro Real~ (バーズコミックス リンクスコレクション)

  1. (Hello I’m Miyuki from Junai Eroki’s post, again orz \; ;/ )

    I’ve never read BL about fudanshi too. In fact I never thought it would be possible lol… and I’m surprisingly attracted. Sounds interesting ;A; I hope to read this in the future (…) because the color illustration looks nice ! (I’m love covers orz).

  2. Gossh!! I bought this book this past christmas just because of this review… And… I loved it!! I enjoyed it so much, that now i want that the world knows about it… So i was wondering if i can use your images for my review in my blog [I lost my camera, so i can’t have good pictures of the book TmT!!], btw, i love your blog *–*!!!

    • Aww thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the review. ❤
      And sure you can use it—but with proper crediting please? ;u;
      And thank you for loving my blog! Ehe //// ❤

      • Of course *–*!!!, You’re the genius who make me buy this book, so every single (C)’s, are for you TwwT!!!!! Thank you soo much *//^//*!!

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