Junko’s “Konbini-kun.” cover!

Amazon.jp finally posted the cover for Junko’s upcoming 11/25 release, “Konbini-kun.” \*A*/

Ahh it’s so cute! ;w; It’s been a while since I last read something from Junko. /sob

I didn’t read the scanlation version (even though I was so tempted to do so) since I was really looking forward to reading the original Japanese version when it finally gets release in tankoubon form. ;;

I really can’t wait to hold this precious thing in my hands. /;w;\


4 thoughts on “Junko’s “Konbini-kun.” cover!

  1. JUNKOOOOO :DDD!! I love her works, there’s always so much fluff <3. I didn't read the scanlated version either because it seems like the scanlator just disappeared ; A ;.

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