Nimoda Ai’s “Moe Goe”.

Finally got to see the cover for Nimoda Ai’s “Moe Goe” which I’ve been anticipating to see since I heard about the release. \o/

SOB IT’S SO CUTE /;w;\ ❤ It’s a seiyuu x mangaka story and I’m really, really curious as to how the story will go. *Q*

(Images from Citron blog)

Oh, for those who weren’t able to catch my post about her upcoming releases, I first got to briefly talk about her works in in this post.

I was actually thinking of a similar relationship for a potential fanfic before. I was wondering how will it be like if the couple is a BL mangaka and a BL seiyuu—it would be perfect, lol. I’m not really a hardcore BLCD fan but I do appreciate a few seiyuus (I’m a Yusa Kouji freak, btw ;;). And I have a lot of friends who are very much into seiyuu fandom so they influenced me into listening to a few BLCD/Otome drama CD masterpieces, lol. ❤

Hnngg. I really feel this manga will have a lot of adorable H scenes. /;w;\ Her art style is very cute and the characters all look so adorable ohgod. ;; Sadly the cover of her upcoming release for this month entitled “Trouble x Prince” isn’t posted yet. I do wish Lynx could post it sooner. orz;


2 thoughts on “Nimoda Ai’s “Moe Goe”.

  1. I saw the cover just yesterday too and I GOTTA AGREE WITH YOU IT’S OH-SO-CUUUUUTE.
    Could you recommend me some BLCD/Otome drama CD? I’ve been interested for a while now but don’t know where to start :D.

    • For BLCDs, a friend recommended me these:
      1. Beauty & Ghost
      2. Broadcast wo Toppatsure!
      3. Heart Strings
      4. Houigakusha to Keiji no Aishouv
      5. Kimi ga Koi ni Oboreru Series
      6. Senzoku de Aishite
      7. WORK in

      It’s all Yusa Kouji I’m so sorry orz but you might also want to try Kichiku Megane, Reload, Kono Ai ni Hizamazuke and… those from Mei Sakuraga’s Waruikoto series (I really REALLY recommend ‘Mujihi na Otoko’! ;u;)

      For Otome, my online friends got me in listening to the “Shukan Soine” series. *u*

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