Kojima Lalako + a few other updates.

I’ve been waiting for the cover to be posted eversince a friend tweeted Kojima Lalako will be on the cover—-AND HERE IT IS! ❤ morning just got better. /;w;\

Ahh I missed her so much sob. Lately she’s only been releasing novels she illustrated for, and I still can’t read Japanese novels so I’ve been sulking while waiting until she finally gets something released. orz;

Some pretty interesting stuff from Dear+’s latest issue:

→ Kakine’s new series entitled “Kuchizuke wa Niji no Ue de “. Her art looks extremely adorable ;w; will put her works on my to-read list now, lol.

→ A new oneshot by Kitabeppu Nica, “Cashmere, Wool, Mohair, Boku.” HNNNGGHH. THE CUTENESS. /;A;\ I’m jut starting to get hooked on her works and I’m already loving them. ;w;

Really tempted to purchase this issue. ;;

→ Another cover I’ve been anticipating to see was Mio Junta’s “Best Ending?“! Amazon.jp finally posted the cover together with Takaku Shouko’s “Oishii Otoko“. \o/

Ahh that gorgeous Mio Junta cover! ;A; I wish December would come sooner.


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