covers + releases

Finally got around making a decent release update (since I’ve been spamming you guys with covers lately sob).

→ First off from Lynx, pretty (bigger version) covers for Nimoda Ai’s “Trouble x Prince” and Katsuragi’s “Heart wo Sagashite mo” has been posted~! \*A*/


That Katsuragi cover! /;w;\ I’ve been meaning to read her works ever since I’ve seen her cover for “Kimi Nashi ja Irarenai“. But lamely forgot buying it sob. ;; For Nimoda Ai’s cover, I actually expected more but nonetheless it still looks gorgeous. *o*

→ For Rutile, Kari Sumako’s cover for “Kawaii Kakurenbo” has finally been posted on as well! \o/

As expected, it’s really cute! ;u; makes me really want to read her previous works (even her non-BL ones since her art style is really adorable lol).

→ As for Baby, a debut tankoubon release by Kazuki Souto entitled “Kara Mawari no Dimple” (11/24):

Sob it looks so interesting although I think I won’t be including it in my orders ;n; Anyway, what’s I’m really excited about is Manako’s “Yankee-kun to Ouji-sama” which will be released on the 24th of December!! \*A*/ let’s wait for the cover since I have a great feeling it will be insanely cute considering it’s from Baby Comics. *u* ❤


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